Havoc:Mayhem Series #4

By: Jamie Shaw

Mike is the one who pulls away to stare up at me, and I avoid looking at him. The bottles lying everywhere are testament to what it took for him to sort through his feelings for the girl on his lap, but even though he’s had a lot to drink, it hasn’t been nearly enough to excuse letting that two-faced leech suck his face.

“No,” Danica says, still staring at Mike like he’s a gold-plated banana split. “I’m going to stay here for a while.”

“You’re leaving?” Mike asks me, and when he shifts Danica off of his lap and attempts to stand, I have to launch forward to keep him from falling.

Okay, so maybe he is that drunk. Shit . . .

“I, er . . . yeah. I mean, I was just waiting for Danica, so . . .”

My eyes drop to my hand, which is pressed tight against the hard curve of Mike’s waist, and when I hastily pull it away, he nearly stumbles forward again. His arm wraps heavily around my shoulders in an attempt to catch himself, and I help him find his balance while ignoring the deadly look that Danica gives me.

“Mike,” I say, staring up into his big glassy eyes. “Do you need a ride home?”

“Why are you offering him a ride home?” Danica snaps at me.

“He’s drunk . . .”



I’m about to explain some choice phrases like “designated driver” and “decent human being” when Mike interrupts, “Are you trying to hold me up?”

I lift my gaze to his and watch as an amused smile stretches across his lips.

I have one hand firmly on his back and the other on his stomach, like I’m some kind of pocket-sized Wonder Woman capable of keeping a guy twice my size on his feet. “You were going to fall,” I reason, ignoring the amusement in his voice.

“You’re like two feet tall,” he teases with a chuckle.

“Five feet,” I argue, and when Mike laughs hard, I try not to smile.

“He’s fine here with me.” Danica’s arms are crossed tightly over her chest, and she has one foot planted forward in an aggressive stance that isn’t lost on me.

I should stay out of it. Danica will make my life a living hell if I piss her off. And Mike is so not my business.

Except that I’m the one who got him drunk. And I’m the one who drove Danica here. And I’ll never feel right about it if I leave this innocent man with the she-devil herself when he can barely stand upright.

My conscience sighs.

“Don’t you want to take a shower?” I ask Danica, ignoring all sense of self-preservation and instead hitting her weak spot. I slip out from under Mike’s arm and lower my voice so only she can hear. “I mean, don’t you want to wash your hair?”

Ten minutes later, I’m on the road home with Danica in my passenger seat, and she’s still periodically inspecting the ends of her perfect hair. Mike said he would sleep on the bus, so after rooting him out some carbs and bottled water and repeatedly making him swear he wouldn’t drive, I left.

I felt like I should thank him for the fun time I had with him last night, or like I should . . . I don’t know, shake his hand or hug him or something. Hanging out with him felt like hanging out with someone I’d been friends with for years, and I secretly want to play Deadzone Five with him again, but he’s Danica’s boyfriend, and all of that felt too weird, so instead, I simply told him he should brush up on his sniping skills, and I left.

Danica’s goodbye was much more dramatic. A kiss that lasted so long, I waited for her outside the bus.

“So all you did was play video games all night?” she asks me for the hundredth time as she studies a lock of her penny-colored hair.

“No, Dani, we had an orgy all night. The opening band joined in. So did some circus performers that were in town. Things got a little weird with the car full of clowns but—”

“Do you always have to be so annoying?” she complains, shielding her eyes from the sun. Without Mike to impress, she’s gone into full morning-mode Danica, slunk down in her seat with her bare feet up on my dash.

“I already told you no a thousand times.”

“You were too friendly with each other this morning,” she accuses.

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