Havoc:Mayhem Series #4

By: Jamie Shaw

Tons of love, especially, to all of the rock stars in my Facebook group, Jamie’s Rock Stars. Interacting with you is truly one of my favorite parts of this job. I write each book with you in mind, and I adore you for being a part of this journey with me.

And to my Roadies, who helped me put this story out into the world with a bang: Ashley Amsbaugh, Gina Behrends, Jodi Belshaw, Krista Davis, Erin Duffy, Felicia Eddy, Valerie Fink, Melisa Gette, Sarah Green, Kathy Lemke, Erica Limon, Casey Knittig, Denisha McPherson, Denise Prause, Nicole Reiss, Lauren Resch, Anne-Marie Simard, Hope Smith, Gabby Sotelo, Ashley Speakman, Summer Webb, and Mary Beth Witkop. Thank you for being so hardcore. You girls are amazing.

For every reader who loved Adam, Joel, Shawn, and Mike. For every reader who loved Rowan, Dee, Kit, and Hailey. For every reader who loved Leti and Kale. For every reader who loved Ryan, Mason, and Bryce. For every reader who loved Van . . .

Thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my rock star–loving heart.

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