By: Sabrina Paige

Interracial Bad Boy Romance

Here's a hot glimpse of the story to cum come:

It's not hard to tell that she's inexperienced, but it's easy to forgive, with all the enthusiasm she's showing. She presses herself forward more, straddling his leg and pushing down.

Jesus, the way she grinds herself against him—his cock hurts from the way that it presses into his jeans.

This is a mistake, he suddenly thinks. She's just—Jesus. His hand comes up and pushes her back gently.

"Amari, are you—"

"Shut up," she says, and takes his lips again.

That's good enough for Craig. He wraps his arms around her hips and pulls her in close to him. Even as her crotch rubs in just the right spots against him, her thigh brushes up against his hardness.

It sends an electric jolt through him, one that drives him that much further out of his mind. There's no room for questioning any more, no room for wondering whether or not this is a good idea.

They're past that point. Craig's hands move up to cup her breasts. They fill his hands comfortably, neither too much nor too little. A perfect fit.

He moves away from her mouth, his lips dancing along her jaw, pressing a string of kisses until he reaches the sensitive part of her neck, just below her ear, and then traces a little bit lower.

Amari bucks against him, his thigh providing an excellent way for her to push her own buttons, and leans her neck into him. Craig takes the hint, and starts to re-trace the line with his teeth, taking little nips that elicit exactly the response he wanted from her.

"Fuck," she purrs. He doesn't know if she knows she said it out loud. He takes a deeper bite and she stiffens in his arms.

She tastes sweet, with just enough salt on her skin to make her delicious. To make him want to taste more of her.

His hands find the hem of her shirt and pull up. Her arms come up to let him pull it off. Craig doesn't have enough time or patience to bother with the clasp of her bra, pushing it up and over the top of her breasts to reveal her dark, tan-colored nipples.

He pulls one into his mouth hungrily, leaning her back. Amari arches into him as his mouth encircles her aerola, his tongue tracing its way in a spiral until he finally flicks her nipple.

Craig's cock is hard. Too hard to imagine anything but what comes next. He holds himself back. He's got to, for her sake. She doesn't need to tell him that this is her first time doing all this, and he's not going to make it a bad memory of the time that some asshole took everything he wanted and fucked off.

He presses his hip forward a little bit, a light brush between her leg and his cock sending signals more powerful than anything that he should have felt. She rolls her hips, just like he'd hoped, claiming every bit of pleasure he can offer her.

Craig pulls her breast free of his mouth. His mouth comes off with a soft 'pop' and then he stands up, distributing the weight of her body between his hips and his arms before setting her down on the bed. She lets out a soft groan of disapproval as his leg pulls away from her sensitive place.

Craig doesn't let her go without for long, though, replacing it with his hand, pressing through the thick fabric of her jeans, letting her get a small taste of what's going to come next. She presses herself up into him, whatever self-consciousness that had overtaken her long-since gone.

Craig's other hand works the buttons on her jeans, pulling them apart, undoing the zipper. He takes the opportunity to slip his thick hands inside and start exploring more carefully.

Her body feels soft and she responds to every little touch, every caress. Then he gets to the place where she's hottest. She's already slick with anticipation. He teases his finger between her lips, teasing her with pleasure before withdrawing himself a little bit.

Then a little bit more, before he pulls away again. The downy hair on her mound presses into his palm. His fingers probe deeper this time, sinking into her folds as his thumb finds the hardened nub at the top of her pussy and teases it.

Amari's body jerks with pleasure that she wasn't entirely aware existed, and then he finds pulls up, pressing into her G-spot, and she lets out a moan that she can't suppress nearly so well.

Craig leans down to take one of her delicious breasts into his mouth again, a mixture of tongue and teeth prodding her nipples to further hardness. Amari's body responds for her, pressing her into him wherever they meet, trying to claim more of whatever she can get.

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