Bad Boy Daddy

By: Chance Carter

Chapter 6


I opened the door and she hurried inside. She was nervous. She wasn’t used to this sort of thing. It only made me hotter for her—her tight little ass in that wet dress—her sweet, plump breasts, bursting against her low-cut neckline—the delicious pussy I knew was waiting for me.

I looked at her.

There was a window by the door and she pulled aside the curtain to peer out.

“You looking for him?”

She shook her head.

“He doesn’t know where to find me. I could have gone anywhere.”

I looked at her but said nothing. We were on borrowed time. Maybe it would be a matter of hours, maybe days, or weeks, or months, but sooner or later, Los Lobos would catch up with us, and when they did, it wouldn’t be pretty. When that time came, I would make sure I was there alone. I would make sure she was safe.

And even then, I knew there was more to this than just our bargain. There’d been a connection, an electric sexual tension, between us since the moment we met. The situation she was in, the months that had passed since our first encounter, did nothing to dampen that.

Her eyes were so big I could have melted in them. Her mouth was a tool for seduction. The image of her lips wrapped around my throbbing cock flashed before my eyes. I thought of my semen pouring into her mouth and it made me shiver. I was so hungry for her it hurt. Even the mess of her makeup turned me on. It made the situation more urgent, more dangerous. It excited me in a way I can’t describe.

“Promise me I’m going to be all right,” she said.

She knew that was more than I could guarantee, but I nodded.

“I’ll protect you, but you have to give yourself to me in return, completely and utterly,” I said. “That’s my price.”

She sat on the bed and pulled off her panties.

“I’m yours now,” she said.

She lay back in her wet clothes, a drenched mess. My cock was so hard it was ready to explode just looking at her. I’d never seen such an erotic sight in my life. This was it. This was the woman I was going to possess utterly. The certainty of it overwhelmed me.

“You got a name?” I said.

She didn’t even look at me. She rolled onto her belly, turning her back to me.

My heart skipped a beat.

I could see the beginning of her ass, the wet dress hiked up over it.

“Open your legs,” I said. “Slowly.”

She spread them wide open, exposing her pussy like a piece of ripe fruit waiting to be picked.

I took off my bike leathers. My wet skin clung to them and I couldn’t get them off fast enough.

She spoke without facing me, her voice fragile.

“Are you going to use a condom?”

I had a condom in my wallet, I thought about it and agreed to put it on. There would be plenty of time later for what I wanted to do to her. I’d give her time to get used to me first.

She pulled her dress up higher, exposing her entire ass and pussy. Her body tilted, exposing herself so seductively that a drop of pre-cum fell from the tip of my cock. No man alive could have resisted her.

“It’s okay,” she said. “Take what you want.”

“You’re mine now.”

Her voice was almost a whisper. “I know,” she said.

It was a bad idea. God help me.

This was destiny, giving me a last chance to be the man I was supposed to be. My father had just died. By protecting this woman, I would take his place.

I opened my belt buckle and let my pants fall to the ground. I ripped off my wet shirt. I was completely naked. My cock pointed toward her like a violent weapon. She was my victim.

I climbed onto the bed and leaned down, my face close to her pussy. I wanted to smell her, taste her, savor her. I wanted to know what I’d just purchased. I opened my mouth, put my lips on her clit, and sucked.

She reacted passionately, her body squirming. The sound of her moan turned my blood to fire. Desire surged through my cock like an inferno. A hunger came over me I’d never experienced. It was insanity. All I could think about was fucking that poor girl senseless.

If the men chasing her burst through the door at that moment and pointed a gun at my back, it wouldn’t have stopped me. I was going to finish what I’d started even if it meant death. I slid my tongue inside her crevice until it found the opening. The taste was indescribable, unlike anything I ever imagined.

She moaned. “Jackson.”

The words were like a secret code that spoke to my cock alone. It throbbed with longing. If I didn’t get inside her soon, I’d explode.

“Take me, Jackson,” she moaned.

I put my hands on her waist and pulled her toward my cock. Her pussy arched toward me.

I wanted to drive my shaft so far inside, she’d never even think of another man again. And then it struck me. I didn’t know her name.

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