Curves Envy 4 - Curvy Conquest

By: Scarlett Avery

Chapter 1

My thoughts wake me up so violently, it’s as if the flashbacks are suffocating me. Am I having a nightmare? I sit straight up in bed, trembling. I can’t get Annie Smith’s words out of my head.

I look around the room, dazed and confused. It takes me a few seconds to realize I’m in Max’s luxurious penthouse and not in my own bed. Oh, yeah, I stayed at his place last night.

Yesterday was a freaky day of thrilling highs and shattering lows. I texted Devin, Lia and Lexi in a panic after receiving the mysterious package from one of my father’s former employees. Once they calmed me down, I called Max to share the latest development in my family saga. He was so dumbfounded by my news, he got behind the wheel of his Benz and drove to my place to pick me up instead of sending a chauffeur. He felt we needed time alone to talk this out.

When I was safely hidden away at his place, I broke down. I spent the last night either spilling my guts out about what I could remember or bursting into tears at having to relieve some of the most gruesome moments of my life. Max was incredibly compassionate and caring. He allowed me to sob as much as I needed while consoling me into believing Annie might be the key to helping me make sense of the last five years. For the life of me, I hope he’s right.

I look down at Max, sleeping so peacefully next to me, when I flash back to a conversation I had with my grandmother on her deathbed. I widen my eyes, shocked as the words resonate in my head. I must have blocked this off until now.

I take a hasty breath before reaching out to wake Max up. “Wake up. Please wake up,” I plead.

“What’s going on, Candy?” Max pops his eyes open and looks up at me with a concerned gaze.

“I just remembered my grandmother compiled so much information on the real-estate giant who tried to intimidate us while she was fighting for justice. It must still be with the lawyer she had hired to represent us.”

“Baby, we’re one step closer. How come you never mentioned this last night?”

“It only now flashed in my head. I’ve blocked out so many episodes during the last five years in order to diminish the pain.”

“I understand, baby,” he says, kissing my arm. “Do you remember the name of this lawyer?”

“I still have him listed in my contacts on my iPhone. My grandmother made me swear I’d never get rid of this guy’s name.”

“Great. Bless your avó’s heart.”

“What does avó mean?” I ask, perplexed.

“It’s grandmother in Portuguese. I called my mom’s mom avó. As a child it was much easier to pronounce than the English translation.” Max smiles warmly at me as he caresses my thighs.

“It’s such a sweet way to refer to a granny.”

“Let’s jump out of bed and get in touch with him. He might be able to shed some light on some of the things Annie said in her letter. Let’s hope we can meet today instead of having to wait until Monday.”

I throw the covers off my naked body and I rush downstairs to grab my phone. I flip madly through my contacts on my screen until I find his name—Nathaniel Carpenter of Carpenter and Associates LLP. Got it. I run up the stairs back to Max’s room with a triumphant grin on my face, waving my phone at him.

“Someone looks like they’ve found gold,” Max says, getting out of bed.

“Not quite, but pretty close.”

“Let’s go to my office and we’ll do a quick Google search first. This way we can find out what your grandmother’s attorney has been up to since you last saw him. Once we gather a few details on him, let’s call this guy. Lawyers usually have an after-hours service for evening and weekend emergencies. I’d say your case is pretty pressing.”

“Let me grab a robe and I’ll be right there.”

Before I can turn around, Max grabs my wrists and holds me firmly. “Why? You don’t expect me to start my weekend without royally fucking you? Once you and I are done speaking to this lawyer, I think we should play strip poker. Since you’re already naked the only thing left is for me to do is poke you with my cock.” He looks like a boy when he smiles like this.

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