Turbulent Desires

By: Melody Anne

Lindsey jerked back against the man holding her, but his vice-like grip didn’t loosen at all. He just laughed as he stepped back and leaned against a counter as if he had all day. The longer these men took, the more chance of someone arriving.

“Hey! You got the last one. This one’s mine,” the small man behind her snarled.

The good humor on the large man’s face vanished as he shot a look at the man holding her. Another chill traveled through her because she had no doubt who the boss was in this relationship. The man behind her shut up.

“No. They are all mine first,” the large man said almost pleasantly.

The man behind her let go of her throat and she sucked in a much-needed breath before it was knocked back out of her when he pushed her forward hard enough to drop her to her knees on the hard floor.

The large man gripped her arm and yanked her back to her feet, sending shooting pain arrowing through her shoulder before smashing her to his chest. Up close, she could see dents in his face, and missing teeth from years of drug use.

Fighting tears, she tried to plead with him. “Please, just let us go.”

Leaning back, he smiled before his fist came out and knocked her in the side of the head, making her see stars for a moment. She almost wished blackness would overtake her vision just to free her from the hell she was in.

“If I want you to open your mouth, I’ll let you know when and how wide,” he told her. “We’re going to have a good time here, and then you’re going to unlock these nice pretty cabinets with drugs in them.”

The man’s stinky spit splashed her in the face, making her shut her eyes for a brief second as she tried to regain her bearings.

“I don’t have access to any of that,” she told him. That was partially true. The sort of drugs they wanted had to come from the doctors.

The man slapped her again for her less-than-satisfactory answer. She tasted copper in her mouth and couldn’t help the whimper of fear and pain that escaped. It was exactly what he wanted, but she still couldn’t help herself.

He shook her for a moment before a gleam returned to his eyes. “I’ll just have to get you a bit more relaxed and then you can give me what I came for.”

“Where’s Sandy?” Her voice was a bit stronger this time, but still not as forceful as she would have liked.

“Me and Sandy had a good time a few minutes ago. If you’re a real nice girl, then both of you will get to walk away from this. Do you understand?” he said. He then began pulling her toward a curtained room.

“I get her next then?” the first man hollered as the giant continued moving.

“Don’t worry. I’ll get her nice and prepared for you,” he replied back.

“Fine. I’m gonna search this place then.” The first man stomped out of the ER.

Pushing Lindsey down on a hospital bed, her attacker leaned close as he pointed his disgusting finger in her face and smiled, his rotten teeth showing.

“We’re gonna have us a good time, sweetness. If you cooperate and do what you’re told to do, then no one gets hurt. If you fight me, then I’m going to carve you up into so many pieces they won’t be able to identify your body unless they’re real good with puzzles,” he told her.

Then to make sure she understood he was serious, he took out a huge knife and stabbed it into the bed only a foot from her face.

“Where is Sandy?” she asked. The more she kept him talking, the more time she was giving herself.

“She’s tied up at the moment,” he said with a chuckle, standing there, admiring her. In that moment, Lindsey had a sick feeling that her friend was gone. He’d done what he’d wanted with Sandy, and then disposed of her like he was planning on doing to Lindsey.

“Please don’t hurt me,” she begged. She hadn’t given up, but the situation seemed so hopeless.

He backed up a bit and Lindsey knew she had to try something. She lunged for the door. But she made it no more than a foot when his meaty hand wrapped around her arm and swung her back to him before shoving her face first into the mattress.

Time stopped having meaning as he yanked at the tie in her hair. When it was loose, he pulled the long strands while he pushed up against her behind. She choked back sobs and bile as he struggled to undo the drawstring on her pants.

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