Journey To Fortune

By: Dixie Lynn Dwyer

Power Surge: The Billionaire Club 4

Tia Rose Richman embraces the new woman she’s become after finally sticking up for herself in front of her coworkers. Giving in to her newfound sexuality and confidence while in Paris, she spends the weekend in the arms of a man she just met. When she returns to his hotel room, by request, she decides to put her new confidence to use, and climbs into bed with him. But the man is not Hudson Ross. It’s his twin brother, and she just allowed him to have his way with her most intimate parts.

She embraces the weekend in the arms of two brothers who make her feel beautiful despite her own negativity. Her last boyfriend complained about her weight and her insecurities. So when she returns to New York, why can’t she get Jagger and Hudson Ross out of her head? Can she survive the threat in the shadows and the persistence of two men who always get what they want?


Dear readers,

Thank you for your continued support, and for making my newest miniseries such a success.

Each story in this series has a similar underlying conundrum. Even with all the money in the world, with the capabilities of buying and getting just about anything one desires, money still cannot buy you love.

This newest story in the series tells a tale about three people who yearn to feel whole, to feel connected, and ultimately to be loved. Their journeys to get there are unique and challenging. Hudson and Jagger must learn to look beyond the monetary, and materialistic things in life to open their hearts to their destinies, while Tia Rose must gain enough self-confidence and determination to put her past behind her, achieve what she wants and craves in life, and just live for today, for the moment, in the power of finding herself so she can ultimately find true love.

Enjoy the story, as Tia Rose, Hudson, and Jagger, embark on their journey to fortune.


“You’re lying to me again. I know you are, Salvador. Just spit it out. I want to know why you didn’t show up last night. I want to know why you’re breaking things off with me. I can handle the truth. Stop patronizing me, Goddamn it!” Tia Rose Richman raised her voice in frustration. She couldn’t take it any longer.

Salvador was avoiding her. She was tired of his mistreatment and lack of respect. She felt like she was drowning in this relationship. No matter what she did, he wasn’t happy. She never should have stayed with him. Slash that. She never should have gotten involved with him. It was just like her relationship with her parents, except Salvador hadn’t hit her. Yet.

She paced her bedroom in her small apartment on the East Side of the Village. New York City wasn’t what it was cracked up to be. She was mega pissed off. The fucker stood me up. Again.

“I don’t think that you can. You’re a child. You need to grow up,” he snapped at her, in that irritating English accent of his. The fucking snob. Me, grow up? I’ve been working my ass off since I was twelve, and had a damn paper route, for crying out loud. Now, after college, I’m still doing odd jobs on the weekends to make money. What the fuck does he mean, grow up?

“I am far from a child. Just because you have a fucking master’s degree in psychology does not make you a damn expert in knowing everyone’s personalities. You don’t know me at all. I am working my way up at Malone’s Designs.”

“Working your way up, my ass,” he snapped at her. “They’re using you. You’re their damn puppet. You never stand up for yourself. You never speak your mind. You let people walk all over you and it makes me sick. You’re weak, Tia Rose, and your boss knows it. Why do you think you keep getting passed up for promotions and that yearly trip to Paris?”

The bastard knew that statement would hurt me. He knows how hard I’ve worked.

“You know that my designs were stolen.”

“Oh, give me a break. Little Miss Missouri is crying again about how hard it is living in New York City, one of the toughest places around.”

She felt the tears sting her eyes. He was such a heartless bastard, and he was too old for her.

“I’ve had it with you putting me down and saying that I’m not good enough. Not for you or for my profession.”

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