Billionaire Misery

By: Lexy Timms

Fortune Riders MC Series, Volume 3


Jessie studied Craig carefully. He was undeniably sexy with his short brownish-blond hair and strong jaw. Her eyes traveled up and down the length of his body, admiring the sweep of his shoulders, the tightness of his waist and hips, and the long legs in tight denim.

He was cocky, and a trace of sullenness graced his face, most evident in the curve of his full bottom lip.

A lip she’d like to kiss.

She brushed that aside.

She wasn’t there to seduce Craig.

The massive amount of drugs flowing through the city had been what sent her undercover. Their target had not only drugs, but connections to men in the highest drug-dealing positions. Nate was their target, then anyway, and she had to get direct access to him.

Her bosses at the DEA had been torn between shock and horror and hope for real arrests when she’d announced her plans to try to prospect for the OutKasts. They’d pointed out how dangerous what she was doing was. Then she’d pointed out that she’d grown up on bikes, and could ride better than any man on the employment roster. Not to mention she was a woman, which the motorcycle club would be less likely to suspect.

Her boss had been so positive Jessie would get herself tossed into a prostitution ring, and he might yet be proven right. She had to be very careful, incredibly careful, and she knew it.

Letting herself take an exiled Orphan to bed, while in the middle of an investigation that had already seen dozens arrested, was definitely not being careful. She couldn’t afford to blow this investigation, and she most certainly didn’t want to wind up dead or sold off into some crazy white slavery ring either. She hadn’t found any evidence that Nate and his crew had any ties into that world, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t a possibility. These men might be big-ass bikers, but they weren’t idiots. At least, not all of them.

Craig, though... now he was tempting. So damn tempting. He was handsome, and he could ride better than anyone she’d ever seen. His lean body hugged the bike and made it move like it was part of his very skin and muscle. The sight of him riding on that powerful chromed-out machine of his had sent powerful pulses of desire streaking through her body, and they had yet to die down. She shivered just thinking about it.

Craig wasn’t perfect. He was also the one who’d gotten his entire crew, the Orphans, locked up for murder. The man was a walking disaster, and Jessie would do well to remember that. She’d also do well to remember that he had warrants hanging over his head for those very same murders, and that any information he might have on Wilkes would be less important than the information he had on the city’s drug trade.

What came into the city had to come from somewhere, and that was the real focus of the current investigation. The agency wanted to know who was supplying the biker crews, and her DEA bosses wanted to know now.

The entire state had a major drug problem, and crime rate was soaring daily. They had to get to the big men, the ones at the top, to really get a handle on it, and the only way to do so was to start in the middle. There, the biker crews were intermediate ground. They knew the lower-ranked dealers, and they bought from the higher-ranked dealers. It was the high-rolling dealers who would lead her to the real men in charge.

Not that she was learning anything about any of that right then.

Currently she, Nate, Katie, Craig, and the rest of Nate’s higher-ups were holed up in a small house on the outskirts of town, trying to figure out how to use the file on Wilkes to prove that Morgan and his Orphans Motorcycle Club hadn’t murdered that small and ragged crew that they were accused of killing.

Craig walked out of the living room. Katie watched him go then said, very softly, “Nate, I don’t know if I really want him here. I’m not sure that we can trust him.”

Jessie stayed silent while Nate spoke to Morgan’s girl. “You can’t trust anyone, Katie. First rule of life.”

Jessie sighed inwardly. She’d been with the crew for long months now and, while the arrests were piling up, she was less than happy about it. She admired Nate and his guys, a dangerous thing to do in her line of work, and she was often torn between the growing loyalty she felt for them and her job.

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