Accidental Baby for the Billionaire

By: Lia Lee & Ella Brooke

 A Billionaire’s Baby Romance

Chapter One


Jessica’s hair fell in waves down her back. In the fading light, her dark eyes sparkled mischievously. She took Brent’s hand, and his breath caught in his throat as they slipped into the cave.

The sea lapped against the rocks of La Jolla Cove outside, and Brent’s hands found their way to Jessica’s curvy sides. She was a ripe plum begging to be picked. Her snug bathing suit hugged her hips and breasts, but the cut-outs along the sides allowed Brent to glut his senses on her flesh as he looked into her eyes. He couldn’t believe she was here with him, droplets of ocean mist on her cheeks as she smiled up at him.

Hidden away here in this spot away from the prying eyes of the tourists who frequented during the daylight hours, the pair was entranced with one another. Brent had brought Jessica to here for an evening of relaxation, some time away from their complicated lives. He moved his hands down her back and rested them above her well-rounded behind.

She was luscious. Wanting her and not having her had almost been more than Brent could bear. Thoughts of her filled his days and drove him to distraction. He pulled her body flush against his chest and leaned in to press an unhurried kiss to her full lips. Her foot moved up his calf, and she arched her back slightly as she brought her leg up and curled it around his.

His hands roamed over her warm, wet body, and soft half-sighs came from Jessica in between kisses. Their lips met over and over, growing more needful and frantic. Long kisses punctuated by ever heavier breaths. Neither wanted to part for some time.

When Jessica finally pulled back, she cradled Brent’s face in her hands as she looked up at him with her luminous brown eyes. Their depths had always amazed him, but tonight there was something there, something primal and intense.

Then, she slowly moved downward, her eyes fixed on his. She let her hands trail over his naked chest as she went, and then, her fingers hooked over the waist of his swimsuit and dragged them down.

Brent grinned.

Her hands slid up his thighs and around to his ass before she parted her lips and licked them teasingly. His erection stood proudly before her, bobbing slightly when she squeezed his thighs, and he involuntarily jerked forward in anticipation. With a coy smirk, she leaned in to kiss the tip.

Then, her tongue swirled around it, and Brent groaned softly and let his head fall back. This woman could bring him to his knees every time. And she was determined to do so now, proceeding at a glacial pace, teasing him with her licks, her lips, the gentle graze of her teeth. She had him trembling before she finally wrapped her lips around him and began taking him in. All of him. Thirstily. Greedily. She wanted him and made it known with every wet suck and every moan.

Brent’s palm smacked against the damp rocks behind him and his hips bucked forward as he let out a groan of appreciation. Between her teasing and the perpetual state of arousal she caused in him, he could barely keep himself from coming undone completely.

But she was determined, energetic. She swallowed him whole and dared him not to thank her for it. Soon, he was coming forcefully and letting out a guttural cry.

She was a treasure. As she rose to her feet to meet his gaze again, she wiped her smiling lips. She was his treasure. Brent wrapped his arms around her and kissed the top of her head.

She was his, and he wouldn’t be letting go.

Chapter Two


Two months earlier

Tires squealed as Brent pulled into the parking marked off for parents in front of the two-story, clean-white La Jolla Country Day School. He was late. After years of parking in the lower school lot, he’d naturally driven over there for the parent-teacher conference, instead of the middle school, where his daughter actually attended now.

He hopped out of his Porsche, straightened his tie, and secured his phone before jogging up the stairs. Cara would still be on campus for her after-school activities. He was pretty sure that she either had band or Homework Club today. Or lacrosse? Or was that the fall sport?

Walking briskly but with care not to appear rushed, Brent checked his phone once more to ensure that he was heading to the right classroom. The guard at the front door checked his ID with a nod and gave him directions. The hallways were so wide and clean that almost everything looked alike, although there were some posters here and there for a school musical.

When he arrived at Ms. Ramirez’s room, he could hear her still speaking with another parent. This irked him a little. His time was valuable. He slipped inside and took a seat to wait while looking around at the room. The desks were arranged in a circle facing the center of the room, and the windows were so enormous. The sun was setting, and the dying light streamed through them, casting long shadows. He scanned the room to see what the children had been up to. It had seemed strange to him that La Jolla sent the children on to middle school at fifth grade rather than sixth, but Cara was sharp enough that it hardly mattered. They’d been struggling to find additional age-appropriate materials for her to read in the lower school anyway.

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