All That Glitters

By: Lily Zante

Italian Summer Series, Book 2

It started in Bellagio…

Andrea Brunelli enjoys life. She loves her business and she enjoys her friends. But make no mistakes, her business always comes first.

A girlie weekend at the Villa Costanza provides the perfect opportunity to unwind. If only her friends would stop telling her to find a man—she’s not interested, especially after her last embarrassing encounter.

Yet she is thrilled when Riley James, a wealthy and handsome American staying at the same hotel, seeks her out. Unlucky in love, Andrea tries to take things slowly. But Riley James has other plans.

When he later shows up at her warehouse, she is determined not to let him slip away. And so begins a seductive Italian summer romance.

Until her business partner makes things difficult for them. And when her nights of passion lead to more than she had bargained for Andrea discovers that there is a price to pay.

Is her passionate new romance all that it is set up to be or is there more to it than meets the eye?

‘All That Glitters’ is the second book in the ‘Italian Summer Series’, which is a spin-off from the ‘Honeymoon Series’. The first book in that series is ‘Honeymoon For One,’ and it is currently free at all retailers.

‘Italian Summer’ consists of a series of books which tell the stories about the characters who first appeared in the ‘Honeymoon Series’.

In addition you also get to discover what is going on in the lives of the main couple, Ava and Nico, from the Honeymoon Series.

If you haven’t read the first three books in the Honeymoon series, please be aware that there will be spoilers in this book.

The timelines of both series are connected and you can find a recommended reading order here.

‘All That Glitters’ is Andrea’s story.


“You dropped your towel.”

His voice, soft and golden like melted butter, stole into her thoughts, jolting her from her dreamlike state. Andrea, who had been lying on the sun-lounger, letting the sun kiss her bikini-clad body, now opened her eyes and looked up through the brown filter of her sunglasses.

Him again. She’d noticed him before, she thought, watching him as he stood beside her with a white towel in his hand.

He was gorgeousness personified and so different from the dark haired Italian men she was used to. The man before her was blue-eyed and golden and hotter than lava; she thanked the god of fitness, for she could see that the gym had been particularly good to him.

Blinking, she became vaguely aware that her own towel lay by her feet and she was just about to reply to the handsome stranger when Caprice beat her to it.

“That’s mine,” her friend purred, leaning over Andrea to take the towel from him and no doubt giving the man a good eyeful in her plunging cherry red bikini. Andrea’s eyes narrowed. Caprice, with her long straight hair and luscious body, had the type of figure and full lips that gave men ideas.

The man glanced at her friend and grinned, and Andrea was grateful for the huge Prada shades that shielded her eyes as her gaze swept easily over his chest and arms. He looked like a tower of strength, standing over her with his tall and taut gym-sculpted body. She felt vulnerable lying down in her bikini and propped herself up to a seated position. Her movement attracted his attention and he looked at her, making her feel self-conscious and excited all at once.

“Are you ladies enjoying your stay here?” he asked. His accent was American, she noticed and the more she stared at his electric blue eyes—as blue as the lake which the Villa Costanza overlooked—the more she recalled that she’d seen him yesterday, too.

The pitter-patter of her heart increased and she briefly wondered whether the sun had affected her. She was far too cautious and sensible to believe in insta-love, yet here she was ogling this man as though he was the last of his species.

Her body was reacting to him—even if her mind still sat on the side-lines wondering when to join the game. She tried to think of something to say, so that he would know she had a voice, that she wasn’t mute.

“We are,” said Caprice, wriggling around in her seat. “Someone had a big milestone birthday celebration this weekend.”

“A milestone birthday?” he asked, his eyes twinkling. “A twenty-first?” he asked, all innocent.

“She turned thirty,” replied Andrea, nodding her head at Caprice and finally getting a chance to prove that she could talk.

“Thirty is the new twenty,” Caprice declared as she rubbed sun lotion slowly and suggestively over her upper body. Andrea smiled at the man, more out of embarrassment for her friend who had turned the art of applying sun cream into foreplay.

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