All Tied Up

By: Alison Kent



by Samantha Venus for Urban Attitude

This month we begin a multi-part series introducing the women responsible for the cultural phenomenon that is GIRL GEAR. (And to think it all began at an Austin, Texas, Starbucks!) Three years ago, the firm blasted onto the fashion scene and now has every department store across the country scrambling.

All we at Urban Attitude have to say is: Good Luck!

Let’s meet our first GIRL. Macy Webb works as content editor for the website’s numerous columns, offering tips on dating and suggestions for singles. And be honest: Do we doubt for a minute the GIRLS whose trends we’ve followed for three years would steer us wrong when it comes to M-E-N? I don’t think so!

Creator of GIRL GUIDE and GIRL GAMES, the site’s self-care, relationship, and fun-times pages, Macy’s currently organizing a trial of her latest project—a sexy scavenger hunt. “After-hours, adults-only, you-find-mine-I’ll-find-yours,” she says. The rules will be posted in her column due online at the end of the month.

MACY WEBB READ THE LAMINATED copy of the magazine article tacked to the corner of her drafting board while waiting for her printer to spit out the lists she’d be needing later tonight. When she considered how far the company had come in such a short period of time…

She shook her head, amazed that the firm’s founding partners still possessed a shred of sanity, what with the out-of-control pace of the business. The six friends hadn’t even met until their senior year at the University of Texas while sharing late night shifts at a new Austin Starbucks.

Macy had been a psychology major, Lauren Hollister working toward a degree in commercial art. Sydney Ford had focused on business and finance. Kinsey Gray, Melanie Craine, and Chloe Zuniga had been on equally diverse career paths… from marketing to technology to fashion.

Until one fateful night following a late November football game, the six had assumed they’d go their separate ways come commencement the following June. That night the Longhorns had trounced the Texas Tech Red Raiders in a nearly unheard of Texas windchill of seven degrees.

The teamwork involved in ordering, brewing, foaming, steaming, and serving enough lattes, mochas, and cappuccinos to defrost what seemed to be every single spectator, convinced business-minded Sydney that she’d be a fool not to capitalize on a sure thing. The six had spent the remainder of their senior year working with vendors, financial planners, attorneys and scores of professionals who’d guided them through incorporation.

Graduation had come and gone with little fanfare but the sure thing had launched later that summer with a Fourth of July sparkle and flash. Each woman brought her own individuality and vision to bear on the corporation’s mission statement. Each brought her own field of expertise as well, putting her degree to work to expand the conceptual whole.

Macy and Lauren worked as respective editors of content and design for the interactive e-commerce website and mail order catalog. Chloe headed up GRAFFITI GIRL and GADGET GIRL, the cosmetics and accessories lines.

The gift line, GOODY GIRL, and the technology line, GIZMO GIRL, were in Melanie’s capable hands. Kinsey divided her time between GO GIRL and GROWL GIRL, the activewear and party wear divisions.

Sydney had been forced by time limitations and ever increasing executive responsibilities to hand off the original GIRL GEAR fashions to the firm’s junior associates who did their best to keep up with consumer demand.

Thirty-eight months after graduation and two years into incorporation, the six had revised their five-year business plan for the second time. But even if the corporation’s fireworks fizzled next week, each had a portfolio reflecting an investment in the future.

A good thing for all involved, but Macy didn’t dwell on what might or might not happen. The way she saw things, the future was… the future. Much too far away to think about when there was so much fun to be had now.


“I DON’T KNOW, MACY. YOU think we have enough food here?”

Macy Webb set a tub of tortilla chips and a trough of salsa next to the Crock-Pot of hot chile con queso plugged in on the kitchen bar. She added a festive tower of disposable bowls in red, yellow, green, and blue, and a stack of matching paper napkins. Eyeing the colorful layout, she smiled and hands at black capri-covered hips, turned to answer Lauren.

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