Beneath a Dragon's Wing

By: Marcy Jacks

Chapter One

It was dark and slippery as it rained. Which was probably why Erin didn’t see the wall he was about to slam into as he rounded the corner.

Chest and face came into full contact with bricks. He saw white as he smashed his nose into it, falling back into a puddle. Probably one filled with filth and dog piss. The alley Erin had been running through didn’t exactly look the cleanest, but that didn’t matter.

What mattered were the hunters chasing after him.

They were fast. He rolled onto his belly. There was no point in trying to stay dry. He wasn’t even wearing a jacket.

And there they came.

Four of them. Three men and one woman.

They actually wore gloves and held nets and elongated collars for his throat.

As if he was a dog. As if he was a feral dog.

The Dog Catchers. That’s what people called them. No one ever came back after they were caught. Erin didn’t want to disappear.

He scrambled to his knees, but something grabbed him hard by the elbow, yanking him up.

Erin flailed. Fighting against the hands that grabbed him.

They came from the wall he’d just run into.

Not a wall. Obviously. It was a man.

A huge man with a wide chest and grim expression as he stared down at Erin with those silver eyes.

Erin shivered. Then snapped himself out of it and started to fight again as if his life depended on it.

He was pretty sure it did.

“Easy, easy now.”

“Let me go!”

Erin punched the man in the face. Erin was an omega, but he should still have some strength in him to knock back a human, maybe shock him enough to let go.

The man didn’t so much as flinch, and Erin was pretty sure he broke one of his knuckles.

He yelled and fell back. The huge man grabbed him by the collar of his soaked shirt before he could get away from him, dragging him close.

“Please,” Erin begged.

“I’m not going to let them have you.”

Erin blinked through the water dripping down his hair and into his eyes.

He wasn’t?

“You there!”

Erin glanced back at the four Dog Catchers. They stopped five feet from Erin, as if they finally noticed the huge guy he was standing with and wanted to keep their distance.

“Hand over the wolf.”

“I’m not infected!” Erin held on to the big man’s wrists, now suddenly hoping the other man really didn’t let him go.

He didn’t want to go with these people, and he didn’t want them to do…whatever it was they were planning on doing to him.

It couldn’t be good. It was never good. The big man—God, he could be an alpha if he was a wolf, if alphas still existed—looked down at Erin curiously, then leaned into his neck, his nostrils working in a long sniff.

Erin tried to yank himself back, but then a powerful hand reached out, clutching the back of his head, pulling him closer.

“What are you doing?”

“Shut up.”

The man eventually pulled back, satisfied with whatever he’d found.

“Do you smell that?”

Erin blinked. “Smell what?”

The huge man tilted his head a little, then growled. “Damn rain.”

He looked at the Dog Catchers. “I’ll be taking him with me. You don’t have to worry about him anymore.”

“The hell you are. You need to back the fuck off and let us do our job.”

“If I go with them, I’ll never get away.” Erin looked up at the man. A man he didn’t know. “They’ll kill me.”

Because that’s what they did.

The man growled. His eyes changed.

Erin gasped.

Alpha. The word crossed his mind, and even a flicker of hope filled him up.

But no. That was impossible. There were no alphas anymore. They were all gone. This guy…was something else.


That was the word he wanted, and when matte black wings with silver veins sprung up, blocking out what little yellow light there was in this dark night from the lamps in the alley, Erin knew he was right.

He just didn’t expect the dragon to lift him into his arms and jump into the air. High into the sky, the rain pelting down harder on them.

Erin screamed. He probably screamed like a teenaged girl. He absolutely didn’t care as lightning flashed dangerously close, and Erin was able to see what the huge man looked like when his face changed into something a little closer to his animal shape.

He almost looked like a demon, and right before Erin fainted like a coward, he had to wonder if he might have been safer with the Dog Catchers.

Chapter Two

“Shut up. I won’t drop you. I need to be fast before the lightning can hit us.”

The man in his arms did quiet down, but only because he fainted.

Fucking perfect. Really? Silver was going to get stuck with a mate who was honestly afraid of heights?

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