By: Sienna Mynx

“Kassidy?” he asked, with his hands shoved down into the front of his zipped up leather jacket.

She nodded. “Thank you, I only have this.”

“I'll put it in my trunk,” he said.

She nodded and stepped to the door. And then, for no particular reason, she looked over to the right. A limo driver was on the sidewalk. He stood by a car. And then he opened the door. None other than Tarek Marshall came out of the rotating hotel doors. He was speaking on his cell phone. He got in the car without a single glance.

Kassidy got inside the car waiting for her.

“Is it possible to make a detour?” she asked.

The driver glanced back at her. “Detour? I thought you wanted to go to the airport?”

“No. I want to follow that limo. It's my boss. I have to give him something. Please,” she said. She reached over and handed him a twenty-dollar bill.

“Keep your money. It's your dime,” the man said.

“Thank you.”

He pulled away from the hotel and sped out into the street. He had to run the first light to catch up. Kassidy was grateful she didn't have to tell him too. They were on the expressway soon, and headed south.

“Where are you from?” the driver asked.

“Plano Texas originally, but I grew up in Crystal Beach for most of my life,” Kassidy said. She pulled out her phone and started to text Daniel.

Kassidy: I'm going to miss the flight.

Daniel: ????

Kassidy: Something came up.

Daniel: Tarek?

Kassidy: Trust me. I got a feeling on this.

Daniel: I'm worried.

Kassidy: Don't worry. Text u soon. Promise Daniel: Be careful.

“So you think so?” the driver asked.

“Huh? I'm sorry I didn't hear you?” Kassidy said and put her phone in her purse.

“The radio gave the score from last night’s game. I said the Cowboys won't make it to the Super Bowl, and you said you thought they would, and I said, you think so?”

“Oh, yea,” Kassidy rolled her eyes. She never understood why Uber drivers felt the need to be so chatty. She would rather ride-along in silence. She tolerated the driver with other small talk about Texas until they exited the expressway.

“Looks like your boss is heading to Dupage,” the driver said.

“Dupage? What is that?” she asked.

“An airport. Private jets and companies fly out of it,” he said.

“Oh, okay. Hey, I know you don't accept tips, but I'll give you a fifty-dollar bill if you can drop me off at Dupage ahead of that limo. I want him to see me already there waiting for him. Please.”

The driver glanced up at her in his rearview mirror. “Hell lady, I can’t take that. It's cool. I'll get you there!”

He swerved from around the limo and sped through the light. Kassidy gasped as they almost suffered a T-bone collision with oncoming traffic.

“Hold on!” he laughed.

“Don’t kill us!”

The young man hollered and hooted. His Honda bounced off a pothole and the car surged up like the Dukes of Hazzard mobile.

“Drop me off at the front please,” she said and grabbed the arm of the door for safety.

“Almost there!” he swerved around two cars and then back into his lane to avoid oncoming traffic.

Kassidy began to pray.

The driver laughed. He cut the wheel sharp left and she nearly slid across the seat to the other door. And then he slammed on his brakes. Her seatbelt tightened to the point of choking her.

“Ha! We made it!” he pumped on his horn.

“Crazy!” she huffed. The young man got out of the car laughing. She checked her makeup to make sure she looked flawless. Kassidy swallowed her nerves. It was a risky plan. But nothing gained came without risk.


Tarek rubbed the tension from his brow. He needed sleep and time alone to think. Instead of staying for the closing meetings, he called for the family jet. If the board was going to turn on him he had to be ready. His brothers would have to wait for it to return or find another way home.

“We're here sir,” his driver said.

The car entered the gates of the private airport. Tarek looked over to his right. He wasn't sure why, but he did. At that moment he thought he saw the woman he had drinks with earlier. She was walking through the doors of the private airport in a coat pulling along her luggage. The moment was fleeting.

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