By: Sienna Mynx

Detective Grason’s brows lowered. “Is that so? Then you need to explain to us why we have two dead men, and the other in a holding cell bleeding all over the fucking place.”

“I thought...”

“Two, young lady!” Detective Carter snapped.

She swallowed her question and composed herself. She had to work hard to suppress the urge to confess every sinful act in her life. Including the deep seeded reasons why she could hate and love a man like Tarek.

“Is he okay?” she asked.

“Who?” Detective Grason answered.


“He’s refusing medical attention. He attacked two of our officers here, as well as the paramedic who tried to help him. We had to put him in a chair and restrain him. We think he might be on something.”

She shook her head no. “He’s not on anything. That’s... who he is.”

“A killer?” Carter asked.

“No—I meant—”

“So he’s your boss? Right? You work for Marshall Global Solutions?” Detective Carter asked.

“Yes,” she said. “I work for MGS.”

The two detectives exchanged a look, as if they had scored in the invisible game between her and them.

“Your boss is Tarek Marshall, one of the most powerful men in this state, and right now, instead of a doctor, he keeps shouting your name. My guess is, he’s the one that gave you those bruises. Am I right?”

Kassidy is dumbfounded. With all the evidence the detectives had to have discovered they are still clueless. She tried to sit back and but one of the men grabbed her hand. “You’re afraid of him. You should be. He wants to shut you up. He is already using his power in this city to silence the media. You can trust us. We’ll protect you. We just need you to be honest so we can trust you.”

She wasn't sure what they wanted her to do or say. She was so tired, scared and disillusioned to be of any use to them. The fact that Tarek asked for her, drove another stake of conflict through her heart. She loved him. She had since she was a little girl. But she was scared of him too. And not for the reasons they thought.

“I want to go home,” she said.

“Don’t we all?” the other detective chuckled. “The only way out that door behind me, is for you to start talking. I need the truth. Or your version of it.”

“Am I being charged with something?” she asked again.

“I thought we covered this,” The detective huffed. “You aren’t under arrest.”

“But you two keep questioning me, like I’m guilty of something.”

“Are you?” Detective Carter interjected over his partner. “Guilty of something?”

Kassidy looked from him to the other detective. Yes, she was guilty. She had enough pain and fear in her heart to keep her up at night for the rest of her life. But all she wanted at that moment, was to save Tarek from himself. If she didn’t, no one would.

“I have nothing to say to you. Nothing,” she said.

Detective Grason glanced to his partner. Detective Carter touched his arm. The two men stepped aside and had a whispered conversation.

Detective Grason stepped forward. “We're going to help you. Have your feet looked at, and see if you need any further medical treatment. Then we'll talk.”

“But I told you I don't have anything to say.”

“You may change your mind.” The detective forced her to stand, and she winced.


“Why is my client restrained like that?”

Tarek Marshall opened his eyes. He was fastened down in a restraint chair with a muzzle over his mouth. Though he was sure he had several broken ribs and was bleeding through the restraint jacket that crossed his arms and tied them to the back, he felt no physical pain. His adrenalin was his fuel.

“I have two dead men and a woman too traumatized to say much beyond her name. Your client has attacked my officers. He's restrained for his own safety.”

“Charge him or release him,” Jefferies demanded.

“The D.A. has to make that call, I...”

“Then get the D.A. in here. I want formal charges now, or I'll shut you and this department down. Tarek Marshall is a victim. A standing member of the community, and he's bleeding all over the fucking place after suffering a severe trauma...”

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