By: Sienna Mynx

“Goodbye Mr. Marshall, you do the same.”

He walked off.

“Bastard,” she mumbled. She looked at the card. It wasn't a direct number. It was company card that would no doubt ring an assistant. He probably had layers of assistants she would have to breech to get next to him. Daniel was worried about her going too far. He said the Marshalls were dangerous. Daniel had no real concept of how evil Tarek Marshall was. Only she knew the truth about the man. For Daniel the Marshall brothers were business men. Ruthless, calculating business men, that spent more money on lobbyist in Washington protecting their interests in dismantling the energy bill before the President than organized crime. And that was true. Tarek was a collector. And women, vulnerable women, were collateral damage. Not anymore. Kassidy would have her revenge, and the only way to get it, was to dig out and destroy his black heart.

Chapter 2

Born and raised in oil-rich Texas, Tarek Marshall had a lifestyle to be envied. Men wanted to be him. Women begged to be fucked by him. And his father’s ruthless business tactics molded him. Tarek felt entitled to everything.

Today he was entitled to his anger. His brothers had decided to join forces against him. It didn't work. The deals he made for his father, were ones they could not stop, but they’d waste money and his time in trying too. Now he would have to teach them a lesson for their treachery.

Tarek stopped pacing in front of Henry’s door. His temples pounded thickly. His throat was dry. That old atom bomb of resentment rose within him. He knocked with his knuckles twice. He stepped to the side so his brother could not see him from the peephole.

“Who is it?” Henry asked.

Tarek did not respond.

The door opened only a fraction of an inch. Tarek shoved it open with so much force Henry was knocked flat to his ass. Tarek slammed the door. Henry shook his head no.

“I didn’t tell him. I swear. I swear!” Henry flipped over and tried to crawl away but Tarek grabbed him by the back of his neck. He dragged his brother to the open door of the bedroom.

“Please Tarek! I swear! I didn’t tell him anything!”

Tarek flipped up the lid to the commode and shoved Henry’s face inside. His brother gurgled, choked down the toilet water. He then snatched his head up.

“What does he know!” Tarek snarled.


Tarek dunked Henry’s head into the toilet water again. His brother thrashed and fought to get up. But Henry was weak. He was born weak. He would die weak. He failed. Tarek pulled his head up once more. His brother gasped and wheezed down a few breaths.

“What did you tell him?”

“That you have started the Campos Basin project. That you’ve got the shareholders ready for the vote. That I was going to vote with you. But I was... afraid.”

Tarek let him go. Henry scrambled away. The bathroom wasn’t big enough for an escape. Tarek began to pace and think it through.

“So the board won’t vote my way?”

“No. Dale has already met with them. They are going to vote you down. I was hoping, we could talk. Like brothers. Stop this war. I’m on both your sides. I swear. I just want us to find peace.”

“Peace?” Tarek asked. He stared down at his brother who gasped for air. His face was flushed red. And his eyes were blood-shot from the lack of oxygen to his brain. “You want peace. I’ve just declared war. You tell him that.”

“I'm tired of being caught between the two of you and this never-ending war. If you just let us see father. If you’d lift the hold at the hospital Dale will back off.”

Tarek walked out flexing his fist. They would not see him. Not now. Not ever.


Kassidy called Daniel and told him she would meet him at the airport. The whole ordeal was a waste of her time and energy. With nothing more than her carryon bag, she left the hotel for her Uber. She saw several cars waiting. But one man stepped forward. He was short white guy, that looked to be in his early twenties like her. His mousey brown hair was short and tapered at the sides, but he had long bangs to the front like some Canadian pop-star. He tossed his head slightly and the bang flipped from his face to the side of his neatly combed hair.

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