Captured by the Cyborg

By: Gloria Martin

 (Sci-Fi Futuristic Space Warrior Alien Invasion Romance)

(Paranormal Fantasy Shifter Mystery American Urban Short Stories)


As she sprinted across the sidewalk, dodging people expertly along the way, her feet pounded on the pavement soundlessly, thanks to the "silent boots" her long-time friend Stan had invented. He was in his forties now, ten years older than her and a loyal member of the Last American Renegades. He was in hiding. She didn't know where he was, nor had any idea how he was sending her all the stuff.

Her long black hair flew around her shoulders as she ran as fast as she could, zipping into alleys that she had long memorized and leaping from roof to roof with the use of her makeshift electronic wings. She had picked up the wings a few months ago from the government warehouse she'd broken into, which had wreaked havoc and stirred ire among the officials of the New Government.

Her name, Micah Morgan, had immediately been splashed across physical and virtual bulletins alike. The media had feasted on her photos and background before she and her family had joined the remaining group of renegades that still fought against the new rule.

She hadn't cowered in fright like her mom had when the group had been exposed. She hadn't gone into hiding like her dad and their friend Stan. She hadn't burst into uncontrollable fury and lashed out at the government and their cyborg police force as her younger brother had done before.

Micah had been the most intelligent, patient, and calm among her family members. As she had been growing up, she'd developed a strong body, impressive stamina, fighting skills, and a sharp mind. She had quiet strength and a sort of eerie stillness that made people admire and follow her. Her amazing abilities and unique ideas had also made her popular within the group. It hadn’t been a surprise when she had eventually been elected Renegade Leader.

The Metropolis was currently teeming with locals, young and old, all smiling and getting along nicely. Some were traveling in electric cars on winding roads that all intertwined into a well-organized traffic system. There were streets crisscrossing in between buildings and also pathways that seemed to float in the sky. Meanwhile, other folks were heading to their destinations on hover boards, moving swiftly in mid-air. It was a picture-perfect urban community situated within an ultra-modern city with stylish glass and steel skyscrapers. It all seemed so beautiful on the surface. But she knew better.

Dashing in and out of buildings, jumping over fences and climbing walls like Spiderman's futuristic female counterpart, which she was actually known for, she was finally able to lose the cyborg soldiers who had been hot on her trail. They were probably already calculating her moves and analyzing the city map, utilizing the computer chips that had been installed into their brains. Apart from the unusual strength they possessed because of their metal body parts, some of them also had built-in heat trackers to detect human and animal life moving within their 3-meter radius.

But she was well-prepared for all of their tactics. Clothed in completely black technologically advanced gear that let her move about with great ease and flexibility, the material had also been designed to cover up her natural body heat and deflect her movements to cause confusion. It was something she and Stan had come up with long ago.

Micah stood still on the third floor of a mid-sized tower, her feet planted on the thin ledge outside a huge window, her arms outstretched for added balance and also to allow her to grip the edges of the window frame. Her bright green eyes were wide and alert. She was trying to catch her breath after the chase, already planning her next move. She couldn't let these cyborgs find her and stop her from fulfilling her mission- expose the evil plans of the New Government and bring down the manipulative and abusive officials. She wanted to destroy the entire system, but she would only be able to accomplish it if she could gather enough evidence against them.

She didn’t feel any fear at all- no fear of the government and the cyborgs, not even fear for her own life. But if there's one thing that truly terrified her, it was to completely lose the people she loved. She couldn't bear the thought of seeing them lose their humanity and become robots of the vicious rulers. She just couldn't let it happen without putting up a fight, even if she was all on her own. She couldn't let them win that easily, and if it meant risking her own life, so be it.

A few minutes passed. Her arms and legs felt as heavy as lead. Her muscles were tense from being stuck in the same position for a long time. But she was used to the pain, so it didn't bother her much.

After a while, she slowly edged toward one side of the ledge, very well aware that one wrong move could send her toppling down the side of the building and breaking all her bones upon hitting the busy street below. Then she activated her electronic wings with one click, making the improvised metal pieces spread out and start whirring with life. She took a deep breath and jumped forward into the air.

Micah began flying upward with the help of the wings. But then, she was halted by an invisible force. She could not move further. She was stuck in mid-air.

"What's happening?" she wondered aloud. And upon turning around, she noticed the almost invisible string that had wrapped around the huge metal wings. She was being pulled down quickly.

"Damn," she muttered, as she spotted the tall, bulky cyborg in navy blue uniform waiting for her below. She didn't panic, but calmly let herself get pulled down. When she was safely near the ground she detached herself from the wings and dropped down on her feet, running at once after landing.

She flung the wings over her shoulders at the cyborg as she took off. He was fast though, ducking and evading the wings that could have knocked him down.

She was back on the run, just as she'd become accustomed to over the past years. But for the very first time, she was not able to get away. His strong arms grabbed her shoulders and yanked her back before she could get away. His hands slid down to her wrists, violently rammed them together and snapped a pair of handcuffs on her. "Micah Morgan, you are under arrest."


Micah's emerald green eyes fluttered open. In an instant, she remembered everything that had happened. She'd blocked out after getting caught and hit by a member of the cyborg police.

Her eyes roamed around the tiny room filled with thick, white padding. There were no windows and no furniture. She found herself lying on the similarly padded floor with nothing but a white blanket covering her body.

Micah quickly sat up, realizing with shock that she was completely naked. All her weapons had been stripped away. "Damn that cyborg," she muttered. "And he had the nerve to undress me!" The thought made her blood boil and she couldn't wait to face him and give him a piece of her mind.

Despite her situation, she was able to calm herself. She looked around without any desperation, forcing her negative emotions away in order to clear her mind and think of ways on how she would escape.

A thorough scan of the room told her the room was secure. But she had never been one to give up easily. She walked around the space slowly, running her hands across the walls and the floor. She touched and groped everything she could reach, looking for some way out. There wasn't even a door, except a locked opening on the high ceiling which would be impossible to reach without any of her or Stan's gadgets.

She was pacing back and forth, the white blanket wrapped and tied around her body, when a creaking noise made her stop and look up. The locked opening began sliding open. The gap soon revealed the face of the cyborg who had captured her. She was not surprised to find that he was very good-looking, with strong features, light brown hair in a military haircut, full red lips, and intense dark brown eyes.

Many of the cyborgs she'd encountered before were handsome, muscular, and alluring just like this one. She was only interested in one thing, and that was to destroy the New Government and help give back the freedom and natural humanity of people.

"I see you're awake," the cyborg called down to her, his face expressionless. "Want something to eat?"

Micah did not want to eat. She only wanted to punch him in the face and get out of there. But of course, she knew that if he brought her food, she just might have a better chance to escape. She silently nodded her head then sat down and waited patiently.

He was back in five minutes. But to her dismay, he used a special device to send down a bowl of porridge. The device looked like a metal tray attached to a long pole.

As he was sending the food down, she reacted quickly and jumped up and jerked on the pole violently. Swinging her body up sideways, she kicked against the wall to hoist her body up higher. At the same time, the sudden strong jerk had surprised the cyborg and caused him to lose his balance.

He plummeted down through the opening, missing her by an inch. But he was quick too, throwing his arms upward and grabbing the pole to keep from falling to the ground. He reached up and tugged at Micah's foot hard. She tried to kick him free but his grip was too firm.

"Let. Me. Go!" Micah shouted resolutely, kicking hard with both feet as she struggled to keep holding on to the shaky pole.

After a minute of struggling, she was able to boot him against his forehead. He yelled, but did not let go. Instead, it motivated him to pull himself up after her, putting all of his strength in his grip of her foot. The weight of his body forced her down hard, causing her to tumble down. She grabbed his neck and brought him down with her.

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