Chance of a Lifetime (Anderson Brothers)

By: Marissa Clarke

A whoop from her friend was followed by some applause and whistles from other bar patrons. She pulled back and grinned. A look over his shoulder confirmed Walter was grinning, too.

Tilting her head, she arched a brow. “So, you let me down, Anderson.”

“I’m more than happy to try that again, Richards.”

“I’m talking about the bucket list.”

“On exactly which item did I let you down?”

“Well, certainly not on number ten,” she said, looping her arms behind his neck.

Her friend snorted, then coughed as her beer went down the wrong way.

“We didn’t finish the list,” Gen said.

“No, we didn’t.” She moved with him as he slid off the stool. “And that was very remiss of me. Let’s take care of that right now, shall we?”

The group of people huddled inside the door to escape the rain parted as he led her out. And right there, in the middle of the street, he took her in his arms. A cab honked as rain poured down. Wrapping his arms around her, he pulled her hard against his body and swayed in time to the music in his head. “I love you, Genny.”

She stopped swaying and held his face in her hands, cars switching lanes to go around them in the pounding rain that had brought traffic to a near standstill. “I’ve loved you my whole life. Ever you since you took on those bullies at the ball field, and taught me to ice skate. Since you punched a cop to get to me… Since you gave me the power to stand up to my brother and take my life into my own hands.”

“Kiss me, Genny.”

And she did. From inside the bar, cheers erupted, and all around them, cars honked.

She pulled back and placed her hands on his face to feel his expression. “What do you see?”

He stared into her beautiful face, and with strangers cheering, and traffic honking, and the rain pouring down like forgiveness, he answered honestly. “My future.”


Writing the Anderson Brothers series has been a delight, primarily because of the hard work, love, and brilliance of Liz Pelletier and all the folks at Entangled Publishing.

Getting these books to the readers is a team sport and I have a great team! Heartfelt gratitude to Candace Havens, Robin Haseltine, Heather Howland, Jessica Turner, Crystal Havens, and the entire Lovestruck and EP team.

A great deal of the boots-on-the-ground promo and pick-me-up encouragement came from members of my amazing Facebook group, Camp Clarke. Special thanks to Angela Bailey, Nicole Counts, Carolyn Downes, Connee Edstrom, Lucero Guerrero, Angela Guilherme, Bette Hansen, Evelin Hustis, Chris Jones, Angela Kinney, Elois Lloyd, Kim Matlock, Virginia Mayer, Bube Petreska, Yazmin Rangel, Danielle Salley, Christine Karper-Smith, and Tiffani Storck for beta reading, proofing, and/or throwing ideas around with me.

I could not have made it through the end of the first draft without Shawna Stringer and Deanna Lynn. Love beyond words, ladies.

And big hugs and love to Sophie Jordan, Nicole Flockton, Lily Dalton, Patrick McDonald, and Lynn Lorenz for the brainstorming and kicks in the backside.

Thank you Laine, Hannah, Emily, and Robert. Look up “love” in the dictionary, and there’s a picture of you.

Last, but always first, thank you to all the readers who have fallen in love with the Anderson brothers right along with me.

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