Knocked Up By My Billionaire Boss

By: Ella Brooke & Lia Lee

Chapter One


My office was big with a lot of windows to let in light. An interior decorator had transformed it into a place I liked. I had to spend a lot of hours in the office as the CEO of Saturn Intelligence, so I might as well enjoy it.

“I’ve set up a meeting with the investors,” I said to Elena, my personal assistant. “We have to wow them this time. I can’t afford to lose them.”

“You won’t lose them, Noah,” she said. We’d passed the point of using titles like “sir” and Miss Hayes. “They invested in SI because they see potential. They have no reason to pull out, now.”

Elena spent more hours at the office than any other of my employees. She put all her time and energy into my company, and she deserved to be treated as an equal. Funny enough, it rarely happened.

I nodded.

“I need the file on the tech prepared, and also, ask the lab if they have the prototype ready. We must have something to show.”

Elena made notes, her head down and focus on point. “I spoke to Gerald at the lab yesterday. They’re ironing out a kink or two, but they’ll be ready for you.”

I hoped to God she was right. Elena was optimistic about the investor meeting tomorrow morning, but I was worried. SI couldn’t take another blow to the gut. We had been hanging on the edge for a while. If any of the investors pulled their cash, I was fucked. The company was practically bankrupt, and I wasn’t pumping my own money into it, no matter how much of it I had. It was a rule I had learned from the late Mr. Fuller himself. You didn’t make business personal. If my company went under, it wouldn’t drag me under, too.

“I’ll shoot down to the lab after we finish here, so we’re sure. I’ll let you know,” Elena said.

I nodded and glanced at the time. It was past six already. Elena worked late most nights, even though I had told her she didn’t need to impress me anymore. Her three-month probation period had recently ended, and she was a full-fledged employee. I didn’t know how I’d managed without her. These past three months had proven that I had needed help a lot more than I’d been willing to admit.

And I had developed a soft spot for Elena.

She wasn’t only intelligent, sharp and two steps ahead of the game. She was kind-hearted and gentle, always willing to put in that little bit extra.

And she was drop-dead gorgeous. She was slender with curves in all the right places, and when she moved: poetry. It hadn’t been on the list of requirements, of course, and I told myself it hadn’t been one of the reasons I’d hired her. But I could only lie to myself for so long. When her emerald eyes had pierced my soul in that interview room, I’d already thought “I want you.”

And I hadn’t regretted it for one moment.

There was something between us, too. Nothing that we could label; I was the CEO, and she was my secretary as far as relationships went. But when I looked at her, and she smiled at me, I felt something stir in my chest. And in my pants.

“Right, I think we’ve got it covered,” Elena said to me, finalizing her notes. “You’ll blow them away with your charm.”

I grinned and waited for her to glance up at me. “Do you think I’m charming?”

“You’re fishing for compliments,” she said, and kept her head down a minute more. I waited, knowing she couldn’t stand the silence I let linger between us for too long. She finally glanced up, smiling. When Elena smiled, she had a dimple on her left cheek. Not the right, only the left.

“Sometimes a man needs reassurance,” I said, pulling up my shoulders.

Elena laughed. “And sometimes a man is too full of himself.”

I was flirting with her. Shamelessly. But she was flirting right back, and that made me think things I shouldn’t have been thinking. It made me think of pulling her closer to me and kissing her. It made me think of running my hands over her body, feeling those curves. Her hair was the color of honey, and it was loose. I wondered how it would feel if I ran my fingers through it.

It made me think of fucking her.

“Noah?” Elena said, and I realized she’d asked me a question.

“What?” I asked. I had been caught up in her curves, the line of her body, the swell of her breasts that showed enough above her neckline to spark my imagination about what was below.

“I wanted to know what time you need me here in the morning.”

I cleared my throat and tried to ignore her body and the erection in my pants. My cock was hard, and I couldn’t help it. Would she notice?

“Half an hour earlier than usual should do it,” I said, able to string intelligible words together.

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