Love Me Tonight

By: Kelly Jamieson

Melina looked down at herself in the white baby doll nightie, the matching frilly thong panties clearly visible through the sheer lace. She lifted her head and studied her reflection in the mirror, her long blonde hair tousled, her lips shiny with strawberry gloss. She tipped her head to one side as she fingered the pink rosebud between her breasts, then pressed a hand to her flat stomach where excitement fluttered. Gavin would be home soon and she was ready.

She left the bedroom dark, candles sitting beside the bed ready to be lit later, and wandered to the living room. The lamps on either side of the tan leather sofa gave off a soft glow from where they sat on flea-market end tables, painstakingly refinished with a dark stain. A sultry jazz CD filled the room with sexy music and she bent to light the vanilla scented candle on the square coffee table. Snow swirled and danced outside the window in the darkness of the last hours of the year.

She sat on the couch and crossed her legs. She’d had to work hard to convince Gavin to stay home this New Years Eve. They’d always spent New Years with friends at big noisy parties, or even just with their best friends Kylie and Duncan. But Kylie and Duncan were in Jamaica, and this year staying home alone held a special appeal.

She smiled again and leaned into the cushions. This New Years Eve was going to be so special.

The rasp of a key in the lock of their apartment door announced Gavin’s arrival home. Despite it being New Years Eve, he’d worked late today, in the final stages of a big project at work. He’d been promoted to project manager and even though the week between Christmas and New Years should have been slow, clients in from New York had kept him busy. But he’d promised to get home in good time tonight.

The door closed and heavy footsteps sounded on the hardwood floor of their small foyer. Melina didn’t move, a little thrill of anticipation zinging through her at what Gavin’s reaction would be when he saw her dressed like this. She knew he had a fondness for white lace.

“Melina, I’m home!” His voice carried around the corner and her smile deepened.

“I’m in here,” she called back, and admired the white stiletto mule sandal dangling on the foot of the leg she’d crossed over the other.

Gavin appeared in the arched door opening, still wearing his long black coat over his suit and tie. Snowflakes dusted his shoulders and his caramel-brown hair, and he looked so big and handsome, her heart squeezed with love for him.

But her eyes flew wide when another man walked into the living room behind him. Both men stopped dead at the sight of her sitting there on the couch in her see-through lingerie. Her mouth fell open and her heart lurched to a stop.

Oh dear god.

Thoughts whizzed through her brain in one of those moments that seems to last forever. She didn’t recognize the other man. He was as tall as Gavin, with black hair and a square jaw, wearing a black leather jacket. It wasn’t someone from his work, or if it was, she didn’t know him.

She licked her lips, wondering if leaping to her feet would make things worse. Her eyes darted around the room. Where was that fleecy throw she sometimes wrapped herself in when watching television? Covering up would be the thing to do, but…there was nothing. She tried to shrink back into the upholstery. Her heart stuttered unevenly and her cheeks burned.

“Melina.” Gavin just stood there, staring. “Uh…what’re you doing?”

Oh, god, couldn’t he figure that out? Why had he brought someone home with him? And tonight of all nights?

“I…uh…was waiting for you. To…you know…celebrate.”

Her eyes went to the other man, then back to Gavin’s face and she tilted her head slightly and sent him a frosty glare.


Gavin gave his head a fast, hard shake and glanced over his shoulder. Shit. Bryce was staring at his wife, licking his lips as if looking at a gourmet meal and he hadn’t eaten for a week. What the fuck was Melina playing at now? Jesus, she kept him on his toes.

But that wasn’t entirely fair, since he was the one who’d shown up with an unexpected guest. She’d clearly planned this all for his benefit. Or had she? He narrowed his eyes at her. The last time she’d planned a seductive scene like this, she’d invited another girl along. His gaze swept the room, almost expecting to see Abby somewhere. But no, Melina was alone. Alone, scantily clad and looking sexy as fucking hell.

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