Making Her His

By: Lexy Timms

Beating the Biker Series, Volume 1


From USA TODAY Bestselling, Lexy Timms, comes a spin off from the Hades’ Spawn MC series – Beating the Biker.

Saks’ Story

Anthony Parks, AKA Saks, straddles two worlds and neither one is very reputable. By day, he’s a motorcycle mechanic and Road Captain of the Hades’ Spawn, a none-too-squeaky-clean motorcycle club. By night, he’s the scion of an organized crime family who wants him to join the family business full time.

Recent events with the Spawn MC have soured his community reputation, and while certain women like bad boys that’s not the kind Saks is looking for. Add in pressure from his family to marry, and Saks is faced with an impossible situation. His wise-guy uncle proposes an arranged marriage between Saks and the daughter of a don from another crime family.

When he meets a mysterious blonde who shows him love at first sight is possible, he knows he can never accept his uncle’s proposal. Now he has to figure out a way to tell Uncle Vits without getting excommunicated from the family or putting the Spawn in the crosshairs of a powerful crime organization.

Now if only he could find the woman who stole his heart.

Christina’s story

Christina Marie Serafina decided a long time ago that her loving but paternalistic family wasn’t going to determine the course of her life. She has no desire to get mixed up in any of the illegal businesses her family owns. She’s earned a Masters in Business and Communications on her own dime, and just landed her dream job as Director of Marketing for an up and coming business.

Marriage and a family aren’t in her game plan right now. When her grandfather announces that he’s arranged a marriage for her with a good Italian man, Christina goes ballistic. She’s marrying a man of her own choosing, not some member from another crime family.

Urged by her sister to at least check the guy out, she goes to his family’s bar to confirm her suspicions. Except she meets a handsome biker that knows exactly how to send her body into overdrive. Realizing the hunky man is the one her grandfather wants her to marry sends her into flight mode, even though he haunts her dreams.

Can Saks convince the woman of his dreams to look past his family connections and take a chance on a lowly motorcycle mechanic? And if he does, can he look past hers?


“Don’t you have a place to be?” Saks’ cousin, John Rocco, bartender of the Red Bull, slid a beer toward him with his eyebrows arched.

Saks sat at the bar, which was a second home to him. Even the new clubhouse of the Hades’ Spawn didn’t hold the memories of the Red Bull. He flicked his eyes up to the rafters of the bar where brightly- colored bras hung, evidence of the watering hole’s rambunctious reputation.

“Yeah. Sunday dinner.”

“So?” said John.

Saks shrugged. “So?”

“Aren’t you going to be late?”

“In case you haven’t noticed, dinner is served 24/7 at my mom’s house.”

John gave him a you’re-not-getting-the-point glance and turned to another customer.

Of course, Saks got the point. It was about respect. Uncle Vits, head of the Rocco family, was going to be there. One did not disrespect the man by showing up late.

However, there was something about this day that put Saks on guard. Part of it was the way his mother insisted that he show up rather than hang around with that gang of bike boys. Another was how John made a big deal about Saks being at the bar instead of his parents’ house. He didn’t know what was going on. But something definitely was.

It’s not that he didn’t love his family. But the fact was he was more than wary of the organized crime aspect of it. He wasn’t drawn to their activities like so many of his other cousins, and he didn’t want to make his life around it either. He’d seen too many of his uncles or cousins incarcerated for family crimes taking their jail time as a badge of honor. He didn’t think it was either smart or honorable to be involved in illegal activities. His mother backed him on this against his uncle, or rather grand-uncle, and made sure that Saks’ father didn’t drag him into the family business.

As a result, Saks lived as an outsider in his own family. Conversations stopped when he entered the room. He didn’t hang out with his cousins.

Which was why the Hades’ Spawn MC had become so important to him. They were like family.

Well, that, and riding bikes.

Those two things, plus working for Luke Wade, owner of Central Valley Bike Repair, as a motorcycle mechanic made up his life. Unfortunately, his life didn’t include a steady girlfriend, which was why he was sitting here at noon on Sunday in a motorcycle hangout bar, killing time.


A pretty brunette slid onto the stool next to him. Her too-tight tee that was cut at the midriff advertised what she was looking for.

“I haven’t seen you here before,” said the brunette with a flash of extra white teeth.

Saks almost chuckled. “Then you haven’t been here often enough.”

“Buy a girl a drink?”

She didn’t even wait to be offered one. Saks didn’t like brazen women, and he could guess what was going to happen next. And it did. She slid her hand onto his thigh, inching her way to his inner leg.

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