Royal's Arranged Love

By: Sophia Lynn, Ana Adams

He led them to a row of elevators, choosing the farthest one down. Above the doors, it read PENTHOUSE. He pressed his thumb to a small black pad on the wall. The door slid open.

“After you.”

After a brief ride up, the elevator doors whooshed open. Floor-to-ceiling windows greeted her, lining the far wall of the penthouse, overlooking the inky black water of the bay. She let out a low whistle, following Adrien as he moved into the apartment, trying and failing to take it all in. A sunken living room faced a brick chimney in the center of the room. Chaise lounges lined the far wall of windows, like a row of spectators for the incredible sunsets he probably got from up here.


“You like it?” Adrien stepped nearer, his heat sinking into her.

“Only an idiot would say no to that question.” She tipped her head back to look up at him. His dark eyes found hers. She swallowed hard, the heat of his body clouding her rational mind.

“Shall I show you around or…shall I kiss you?”

The last vestige of self-control snapped, like a limb falling from a tree. “Kiss me.”

He pulled her into a kiss without hesitation. His lips were warm and needy against hers, coaxing passion and dizziness from her body. She made a small noise and dropped the duffel bag, wrapping her arms around his neck. He traced his tongue against the seam of her lips, his breath coming out hot and fragrant at her mouth.

“Clara.” It was practically a growl. “What are you doing to me?”

Her eyes fluttered shut. She pressed her forehead against his. “I’m not doing anything. This is all because of you.”

He pulled her closer, laughing a little. “I beg to differ.”

He brushed his lips against hers, sending chaotic thrills through her body. Gripping his bicep through his suit coat was the only way to stabilize herself in the midst of so many sensations pulsing beneath her skin. They kissed again…and again. When she pulled away, his eyes were hazy.

“You know how to kiss,” she whispered.

“So do you.”

“My legs don’t work anymore.”

“Let’s not use them, then.” He smiled, brushing his thumb over the edge of her bottom lip. “Shall we go to the couch?”

She jerked her head to look at the expansive couch in the middle of the room, more of a soft platform than any sort of couch she’d seen in her life. “Sounds great.”

He guided her there and she plopped backwards onto it, looking up at him with hopeful eyes. Curiosity and excitement burbled inside her; where would this night lead? She wasn’t one for one-night stands, and certainly wasn’t one to court billionaires. But this felt right. So right.

Adrien eased onto the couch beside her, propping himself up on an arm to look down at her. A smile lingered on his face as his gaze swept up and down her body. His warm hand found the hem of her tank top, rubbing the small of her belly through the thin fabric.

“I wanted to give you a tour of the house first,” he said, his hand making wide arcs between her breastbone and her hips. “But maybe we can wait until later.”

“Definitely.” Her eyes were focused on his hand, her body clenching with need as his fingertips made torturous rounds between breast and pubis mons. “If you’ve seen one house, you’ve seen them all.”

He laughed, fingertips pausing at the sliver of skin exposed between her shirt and button. Their eyes met. He deftly unbuttoned her work pants, unzipping them slowly.

“May I?” His voice came out lower, softer. She shivered and jerked her head in a nod. This man was a drug and she never wanted to give it up.

He sat up and guided her pants down the length of her legs and over the tops of her feet. Tossing them aside, he took a moment to look her up and down, eyes lingering on the satin black panties she’d chosen today.

“I like where this is going,” she said, struggling to keep her voice level, “but I think we should play fair here. You do me and I’ll do you.”

He lifted a brow. “Quite the diplomat. I like your suggestion.”

She propped herself up and slid his suit coat off his shoulders. She laid it to the side, pleased by the progress but desperate to see any inch of his skin.

“Now my turn.” He slid her long-sleeved work shirt off, tossing it on top of his suit coat. Her forearms prickled with anticipation as she contemplated what she’d remove next.

“Hmmm.” She looked him up and down. Penis or chest hair? Both were incredibly tempting. The fine, dark material of his slacks were suspiciously bulging between his legs. She swallowed hard.

Reaching for his belt buckle, she undid it with shaky hands and then unbuttoned his pants. His chest rose and fell as he watched her. Her face flushed as she brushed the hard bulge while unzipping his pants. He tensed beside her, drawing a low breath.

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