Royal's Arranged Love

By: Sophia Lynn, Ana Adams

She pulled his pants off, revealing lean, muscular legs and a healthy sprinkling of dark leg hair. Pushing the pants to the side, she admired his trim lower half, gaze snagging on the tight black briefs hugging his hard cock. The underwear tented above his hard-on. When she looked up at him, his eyes were waiting for hers.

“Now me.” His hand connected with her right hip bone. “I should add, the rules of the game are that the game stops once one of us reaches the final layer.”

“Oh yeah? You mean the skin layer?”

He nodded, eyes glinting with mischief. “Yes. And then the winner is able to do whatever they want with the loser.”

She laughed. “Please don’t be a sadist, then.”

Adrien pressed his lips to hers. When they parted, he whispered hotly into her ear, “I promise I won’t do anything you won’t like.”

His fingers found the edge of her panties and yanked downward. They were off before she realized, tossed across the room, and Adrien grazed his fingertips over the light stubble of her pubic mons. She inhaled sharply, clitoris pulsing with anticipation as his fingers drifted downward, over the swollen lips of her sex, thumb brushing gently against the throbbing nub.

She shivered and he caught her lips in a kiss. He began massaging slow circles over her clit, occasionally pinching at it with his thumb and forefinger, eliciting jabs of pleasure so intense, she moaned into his shoulder. His thick fingers prodded farther down, seeking the slick hole, and he sunk his middle finger into her depths as he worked her clit with his thumb, never missing a beat as he pushed her toward a rapid climax.

Head spinning, she clung to him, her body tense as he finger-fucked her harder and faster, her swollen clit screaming for orgasm as he knocked against it. She arched her back, spreading her legs. She wanted him inside her—faster, deeper. Adrien plunged his fingers inside again, curling them back toward him, and that motion was the final push off the edge. She screamed as the climax raced upward and exploded inside her, warmth mingling with a rushing noise inside her head as she came hard against his hand, body pulsing and twitching as the orgasm swelled then receded.

She gulped, looking up at him with wonder. Her breathing returned to normal, sweat fading to a thin film on her face. He smiled down at her, slipped his fingers out of her, and placed a kiss on her belly.

“Welcome to my home.”

Chapter Four

Adrien’s cock was hard enough to cut through stone after getting Clara off. She looked like an angel splayed out on his couch, the flush of her orgasm fading from her cheeks. He didn’t know what had overcome him—only that he’d been desperate to bring her to orgasm as soon as he’d laid eyes on her earlier that night. More would come later. It had to—this hard-on wouldn’t let him do much else for long.

Clara reached for her panties after a moment but he stopped her. “I think we should go on a nude tour of the house, don’t you think?”

She grinned. “You really are a freak. And I like it.” She slipped off her tank top, displaying a black satin bra to match her panties. His cock twitched as his eyes slid over her lush body—curves and swells that could inspire drooling if he weren’t careful. He cupped the dip of her waist, her creamy skin like velvet beneath his hand.

“Maybe I can do this part.” He reached behind her to fiddle with the clasp of her bra. After a few tries, it came loose, crumpling to the crooks of her elbows. Heavy, round breasts greeted him, her nipples tiny pink points. He dipped down and nipped one between his lips. She gasped and then giggled as he nibbled on it.

He cleared his throat, adjusting his cock beneath the straining briefs. “We should start the tour. Before I lose control again.” He offered a hand and she took it, leaving her bra on the couch. Folding her arm in his, he led her toward the far wall of windows.

“Here we see San Francisco by night.” He gestured toward the glittering array of buildings in the distance, and the inky blackness of the bay. “There’s a wraparound porch we can visit in the daytime if you’d like. And over here is the kitchen.” He led her around a corner, where his large, marble-topped kitchen greeted them.

She gasped. “This is the size of my apartment. I mean…” She tutted. “Never mind.”

“It’s quite large. But I didn’t design it. I don’t have such need for space in the kitchen. I barely have time to cook, really.” He led her past the ornate acacia dining room table, past the open living room to the other side of the fireplace. A winding staircase in the corner led up to the great room and attached study. He pushed open the door to his bedroom, the guest room, and the two accompanying bathrooms. Clara made appreciative noises at each new room. After creeping up the staircase and admiring the family paintings on the wall of the great room, she paused in front of a bust.

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