Seduced By The Two Alphas

By: Riley Moreno


Chapter 1

It had been exactly one year since Mike’s tragic passing and forty-year-old Jill King was still surrounded in the grief of his loss. Desperately she wanted to move on as he wouldn’t want her wallowing in his passing this long but they had a special magical relationship that was unlike any she had ever experienced before. Everywhere she looked in their quaint three-bedroom home in Northeast Philadelphia with its sprawling plush carpets and gold trimmed wall paper were remnants of the thirty year olds presence. A towering man with bulky muscular features it still was an extreme shock that he was gone. As she lay awake in their bedroom directly in front of her slung over the back of the wooden chair was the coat he wore the day he died. There it lay with its silky red material its pockets still filled with the notes and other pertinent information he used when he went to his job at the fifteenth precinct where he was head detective for the past two years. A small yellow piece of paper stuck out the front right breast pocket. Jill could tell by the scrawled handwriting it was one of her love notes to her late husband. They had made it a habit from the beginning days of their relationship even when they were dating to write little notes to each other reminding the other how important they were to each other.

So many times Jill just wanted to up and clean everything out of this house and just sell it and move on. The painful reminders of his presence from his suede sable dress shoes to his suit and ties it was like a constant replay of what they once had. All of this taken was away by one madman Billy Thistle a crazed drug dealer that Mike and his partner Jack were tracking for months. Thistle a short man with a wispy mustache and bleached blonde hair looked crazed with his empty black eyes and blank stare. Jill had seen kids in the school she taught first grade at that resembled that very personality. So many times she begged Mike to quit the force the city was getting so bad with all the drug crimes and other craziness they had so many things they could do. Mike a talented writer could have finally pursued his dream to write a novel and do what he wanted. Jill was making nearly fifty thousand dollars a year and could sustain them now that the house was nearly paid off. A howling wind rattled her already disturbed spirit as she directed her attention to the bleak grey skies outside. There right above the windowsill was an oblong cherry wood stand. Neatly aligned in rows were pictures of her and Mike. There was one that always got her attention out of the parade of memories. There on the far left was a gold plated picture frame with her and Mike standing on the banks of the glistening Delaware River. It was their last wedding anniversary they celebrated nearly six months before Mike’s passing. Dressed in a sharp white short set his contagious dazzling smile one that many women fell in love with seemed to look right into her own soul asking her why was she still sitting here in this room being lonely and depressed. Honestly Jill wanted to move on wanted to experience other things but her love for Mike was so strong.

In the distance she could hear a faint buzz almost sounding like a chirping bird that wanted her attention. So lost in her own thoughts of gloominess she was half tempted to just lay down in her bed and ignore everything something that was becoming more the norm with each passing month. Several feet away several days of clothes lay scattered about on the floor. She could hear her mother’s stern voice demanding she clean up this place this is not how a house wife takes care of her home. The problem was she was no longer a housewife she was just plain old widowed Jill King who was going into her twelfth month of sick leave. Mike’s murder brought on a wave of insecurity and melancholy that literally swallowed up the once self-confident woman’s persona. Teaching was something she couldn’t think of at this point or possibly ever. Wanting to ignore the constant buzzing sound in the distance she knew it was probably a coworker or maybe Principal Harris calling to check on her. At this point she didn’t’ want to be bothered.

“Who is calling me? I just want to sleep and be left alone please!” Snapping out of her shell Jill scrambled for the phone just so she could move on with her somber thoughts. Some folks didn’t understand the grieving process.

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