Tempted by Her Boss

By: Karen Erickson


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“Paige, wait.”

“No. This was a mistake. It should’ve never happened.” She paused, glancing over her shoulder to look at him.

Matteo stood there, tension radiating off his big body in obvious waves, his expression grim and full of frustration. The unmistakable bulge of his erection flared the front of his trousers, and she wished for a moment of weakness. To go back to him and beg him to make love to her, at least once.

But that would ruin everything. Bad enough they’d engaged in this…illicit activity.

God, she was so, so stupid.

Turning, she ran away from him. Scurried down the hall and escaped into her bedroom, slamming the door and turning the lock with an audible click. She flung herself on her bed, the robe falling away, leaving her naked and exposed as she clutched the pillow to her face and sobbed her eyes out.

She was a fool. If he kept her as Matty’s nanny, it would be a miracle. She needed to prove she wasn’t a slut who gave in so easily to her desires. She could withstand this attraction she had toward her boss.

There was no other choice. She had to.

Chapter One

“I’m pregnant.”

Oh. Joy threatening to overwhelm her, Paige Stewart clutched her hands together to keep from reaching out toward her new friend Stasia Renaldi Westmore and pulling her into a hug. Despite the two of them becoming close since Paige had started working for Stasia’s brother, she still didn’t feel right in making overt displays of affection.

After all, she was merely the lowly employee.

But today Stasia had come over to Matteo’s home nearly bursting with the news and Paige couldn’t be happier.

Stasia’s beautiful smile was so big it probably hurt her cheeks. “Well, aren’t you going to say something?”

“It’s…wonderful. I’m happy for you and Gavin.” A baby. Paige couldn’t help but feel the teeniest, tiniest pang of jealousy. Stasia was so much in love with her husband, so happy and fulfilled with her career. A baby was the logical, most perfect addition to what Paige was sure was Stasia’s already perfect life.

“I’m so excited. And sick all the time, though at the moment I feel all right.” Stasia’s smile wobbled and she pressed a quick hand to her still very flat stomach. “Now come here and give me a hug. I know you’re dying to.”

Paige relaxed her clenched hands and went to Stasia, embracing her quickly. “This is such amazing news and I know how much you’ve wished for it. Congratulations,” Paige said.

“Thank you.” Stasia gave her an extra squeeze before she withdrew. “Where’s my brother? I rushed right over to tell him the good news.”

“What good news?”

Paige stiffened at first sound of that deep, lightly accented voice as it came from behind her. The same voice that haunted her dreams late at night, when she remembered what he’d whispered in her ear that one, illicit moment which happened between them months ago.

I want you…will you let me take you, bella? Let me have that sweet little body of yours?

A shudder moved through her and she breathed deep, glancing quickly over her shoulder to watch as Matteo Renaldi strode toward them. “There he is,” she said weakly, feeling infinitely stupid for stating the obvious.

But that’s what her boss did to her. Rendered her into a complete and total idiot most of the time.

“Matt, I rushed right over to tell you.” Stasia schooled her expression, going completely serious in ten seconds flat. “I have important news.”

He stood next to Paige, crossing his arms in front of his massive chest. She caught a whiff of his scent, clean like soap, but no cologne. He’d come home early, less than an hour ago, and must’ve taken a shower, since he wasn’t wearing his usual suit and tie. Still outrageously gorgeous in dark jeans and a charcoal gray sweater, Matteo exuded a quiet strength that literally made Paige dizzy.

She did her best to not look at him for fear the sight of him alone would render her legs to jelly and she’d fall to the floor.

“With that look on your face, I’m almost afraid to ask what it might be.” He rasped a hand over his cheek, his gaze shrewd as he studied his sister. “You said it was good?”

Stasia nodded, the smile she was trying to withhold breaking free once more. “Oh, very good. You’re going to be an uncle.”

“Ah, that is such good, good news.” He went to his baby sister and pulled her into his arms, holding her close for long, quiet seconds. After kissing Stasia on the forehead, he pulled away, still holding her as he studied her, his gaze settling on her midsection. “Not fat yet.”

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