The Fate of Her Dragon

By: Julia Mills

Dragon Guard Series #10


Edited by Lisa Miller, Angel Editing Services

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Dare to Dream! Find the Strength to Act! Never Look Back!

Thank you, God.

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Chapter One

She was close... so very close. Her mind brushed against his, filling his dark, dank world with light and hope for the first time in almost a century. She exhilarated his broken spirit, mended his wounded soul, and warmed his cold, ruthless heart. Without thought, he’d spoken directly into her mind. Recognition arced between them. He willed her to respond, begging with his voice that she give him some sign—but she’d stayed silent. Her name became his mantra, the one thing keeping him sane.


This beautiful creature who smelled of sunshine and daffodils was to be his savior. She would be his life. She was the one the Universe had created for him. Not Heaven nor Hell nor the prison around him could keep them apart. He knew she would find him. Felt it in the depths of his soul. His mate possessed an inner strength that rivaled his own. She was a warrior. A woman worthy of a man like him. And she was magical... powerful, filled with a white magic that could overpower the evil keeping him prisoner.

Drawing on his incredible strength and years of training, the Guardsman gave one final call before collapsing from exhaustion. His body ached from exertion. His head felt as if it might explode from the constant barrage of black magic. The silver lined box buried deep in the ground, surrounded by rock and black magic, had eaten away at his strength every day of his confinement. Only his iron will and incredible healing powers had kept him alive; of course, that’s what the evil wizard had counted on. The bastard knew Drago would be forced to lay helpless, trapped underground while the kin he’d spent his life protecting were destroyed.

There had been times throughout the years when the earth had shifted and Drago had been able to feel the presence of other dragons. Not those of his Force but others, some descended from the very men he’d fought beside. His dragon had come to life, snarling to make contact, but the recognition had been so brief there was no chance to call out.

Day after day, week after week, year after year, the Guardsman’s frustration grew—until he was sure he’d go mad. The only thing keeping him sane was the search for his brethren. He called and called through the mindspeak of their kin, both as a group and then testing each unique link he held with the men who’d pledged their fealty to him as their Commander. Every call was answered with dead, dark silence. The Guardsman prayed his brethren lived. Was sure he would’ve felt their deaths, but after so much time of silence, Drago feared the worst. He searched as far as his dark magic drenched preternatural senses would allow and found nothing but the dirt around him. Even the creatures that should’ve inhabited the ground had been scared away by the wizard’s evil spells.

Every day Drago promised himself and those whom he’d sworn to protect that he would escape his prison and dole out justice for what had been done to him and his men. All involved would pay. They would know his wrath—the wrath that kept him alive. Hate and plans of revenge had been his only company, the one reason he drew his next breath. His need for vengeance was his daily nourishment. He planned every last detail of the deaths of the wizards who had imprisoned him.

The bastards believed they were smarter than the great Dragon Guard Assassin. Had believed that attacking him from afar with their dark magic potions and sleight of hand while he was in his healing sleep would fool him, but he knew who they were. Prayed they still drew breath so that he might rob them of it. He wanted nothing more than to watch their blood soak the ground as his sword removed their heads from their bodies. But all of that was before Alicia...

Fighting to remain conscious, Drago pictured the beautiful redhead with sparkling blue eyes and a smile that made his nearly dead heart sing. When he’d touched her mind, everything had become so clear for the first time in such a very long time. He could see her long red curls glistening in the sunlight, the unmistakable twinkle of mischief in her eyes as she laughed, and the goodness shining from her heart. He dreamed of kissing each little freckle that dotted the bridge of her nose and apples of her cheeks. His hands, shackled at his sides by silver chains, ached to touch her peaches and cream complexion that looked to be softer than silk.

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