Theron:Abel's Bloodline 3

By: Fel Fern

Vampire lieutenant Theron is not known for his mercy. When an enemy coven sends a blood slave to kill him, Theron shows forgiveness. He feels unexpected possessiveness and attraction to his would-be assassin. Realizing Seth is his mate, Theron offers Seth his protection, but will the human ever learn to trust another vampire again?

Seth’s entire life changed when a vampire took him from the streets and turned him into a blood slave. He never thought he could stomach being around vampires after his ordeal, but Theron’s different. When Theron secures his freedom, Seth doesn’t know what to do next. The last thing he expects is to fall for his surprising savior, but loving the vampire warrior might mean his doom.

When someone from Theron’s own coven betrays him and threatens his happiness with Seth, can Theron weed out the traitor in time?

Chapter 1

“Our objective in Fall Port City is to establish good ties with the ruling vampire coven in the city,” Abel, Theron’s vampire king and maker, said inside the jeep.

That particular comment had been directed at him. Damn it. Abel knew he and Adam, second-in-command to Lucius, the king of the Fall Port coven, were old enemies. Theron looked out the bullet-proof glass of the jeep and wondered, not for the first time, how Adam could be the lieutenant to the king of an entire coven. Oh, Adam had been cunning enough to rise through the ranks, an opportunist who didn’t hesitate to spill blood if that would further his cause. Adam however, looked at everyone else, especially humans and weaker shifters, as nothing but playthings.

Their newly established coven, at least, understood humans and shifters made for valuable allies.

“Plus, it never hurts to be on polite terms with our neighbors,” Raphael added. Both Raphael and he were Abel’s second-in-command in the coven. Raphael’s cool-headedness and logic balanced out his recklessness and his single-mindedness to do what needed to be done.

Theron cooled his temper. It had been a century since all three of them had come together. After the vampire wars, one of their own vampires had betrayed Abel and imprisoned him. Raphael and he spent the last decades searching for a way to break Abel from his magically-bound prison. It took a gifted psychic, a human, to break that spell. Elliot Pace had turned out to be Abel’s fated mate, but both Raphael and Abel agreed to leave their mates in the safety of Carrick City.

Theron wholeheartedly agreed, because once mated, a vampire or any supernatural could be killed if their enemies went right for their mates. The mating bond fused two life forces together. Theron had never seen Raphael or Abel this happy or content in all his years of life, but unlike them, he wouldn’t let himself be weighed down by a mate.

He still saw being bound to one person for eternity as an inconvenience. Theron had seen for himself how humans could barely stay together for years, but what about the undead vampires? Time was irrelevant to them. Besides, Theron was too free-spirited.

“Your mind seems to have wandered elsewhere,” Abel remarked drily.

Theron shrugged. “What do the humans say? I’m trying to keep calm here, by distracting myself with other thoughts.”

“The old Adam you know is gone,” Raphael reminded him. “Adam and Lucius have their coven and city to worry about. Their coven also has many enemies and is desperate for an alliance.”

“Like we are?” he asked. “Last I recalled, you were the one responsible for making enemies with the coven in St. Anne’s.”

Raphael tightened his jaw and Theron knew he hit his mark. His old friend had picked a fight with an entire coven to claim his mate, a human, Derrick Pace, and Elliot’s brother.

“Emilio, the king of that coven, is not our enemy,” Raphael gritted out.

“Yet,” Theron added. “You have Emilio’s word that his coven doesn’t want a fight between ours, but there will always be vampires who will never forget you humiliated their king.”

“Enough you two,” Abel said. Theron felt the power pulse in Abel’s tone. “We will not appear on Lucius’s doorstep like a disorganized mess. Whatever issues you two have with each other, clear it up now.”

Theron regarded Raphael, who returned his look with his usual chilly stare. Guilt speared through him. They’d been through too much over the centuries to let petty arguments put a strain on their friendship.

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