Unravel Me

By: Tori St. Claire

For one night she could revel in the freedom of being nothing but a woman.

“Flatten your feet,” he murmured as he bent one knee until her foot pressed into the mattress.

She slid the other into place.

“Part your knees, and don’t forget about your hands. I don’t want to have to remind you again, beautiful.”

Oh damn—he expected her to remain coherent enough to keep her fingers in motion, when she knew that heavenly mouth was about to descend upon her needy flesh? With another hard swallow to pull her thoughts back into line, Cassie lifted her breasts into her hands and stimulated her nipples. Closing her eyes, she allowed pleasure to seep into her bloodstream.

“That’s the way. Just like that.” His breath scalded across her exposed center, sending chill after blissful chill shooting through her veins. With two fingers he parted her folds. His hair tickled the inside of her thighs as he bent his head. “Look at me, sweetheart.”

Dutifully, she lifted her lashes. His fathomless blue eyes locked with hers. Holding her gaze, he dipped his chin and slowly swept the tip of his tongue from her opening to her clitoris. A strangled gasp escaped. Her knees threatened to lock together, to hold him in place, but somehow she found the strength to keep them apart. As his gaze dropped to her breasts, scolding glinting briefly, she gave them a squeeze. Approval came with his short nod.

“Good girl.” He brought his free hand across her abdomen and swirled his index finger over the hard nub between her legs. “You’re going to come, sweetheart. And then I’m going to lose these pants and slide deep inside you.”

She barely had time to process his words before he raked his tongue across her soaked flesh again. He lingered at her clitoris, replacing that masterful finger with a slow swirl, a gentle suckle. Her body arched into the heat of his mouth, and she let out a low moan.

“Because if I don’t come soon myself, I’m going to crack into pieces.”

There was something fantastically erotic about his confession that gripped Cassie with such force, she writhed beneath him. Each word he uttered pried off another layer of the walls she’d built around her soul. Like somehow he’d connected with her mind, and knew exactly what she needed, exactly what it would take to send her off like a fire-cracker.

His mouth fastened on her again, his teeth scraping against her clitoris. Hard enough that she squirmed, but miles away from pain. And those amazing eyes never left her face, silently forbidding her to look away or escape from the riot of sensation behind lowered lashes. Heat washed over her body, lifting her higher, raising her up to a dangerous precipice. In between the ebb and swell, she remembered his instructions and massaged her breasts, toyed with her nipples, adding to the rising ecstasy.

She arched against his mouth, opened hers legs further. “Please…” she murmured.

The ache only deepened as he ignored her plea and added weight to the arm across her abdomen. Holding her to the bed, he tongued her again.

It was too much. The mesmerizing quality of his heated gaze and the taunt of her own hands threatened to suck her under and eradicate her ability to move. Her stomach clamped down hard, and she twisted her head to the side, breaking eye contact. She dragged in one ragged breath after another.

“You’re not looking at me, beautiful.”

Cassie gave in to a plaintive whimper. “I…can’t…”

“You can.”

His voice held a note of warning she didn’t dare ignore. She forced her gaze back to his, unwilling to test those waters just yet. She wanted to please him. Liked knowing he found pleasure in watching her. But it was so damned difficult to think like this. To remember how to do anything but drag in gulps of air.

“Don’t look away again.”

She opened her mouth to assure him she wouldn’t, but as her lips parted he slid a thick finger inside her. Her womb contracted around that invasive digit, and satisfaction lit his eyes. She fought the surrender. Battled to maintain his heavy-lidded stare and plucked at her nipples.

“Now, sweetheart,” he whispered. “Let go now.”

Before he had finished the quiet demand, she was already cresting. When he encircled her clitoris with his tongue once more, a cry tore from her throat, and her entire body curled forward. Dark spots stole across her consciousness. No longer in control of her own actions, she fisted her hands into the sheets and trembled against his beautiful mouth.

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