Unravel Me

By: Tori St. Claire

Cassie laughed. She reached for the ring, her smile as bright as sun on newly fallen snow.

“Not yet,” he chided and lifted it out of her reach. “There’s more.” He reached into his inside coat pocket and withdrew a folded legal document. “In case this is too much too fast, I’m completely prepared to negotiate this pre-nuptial agreement until you’re willing to sign.” Satisfied he’d covered all his bases, he offered her both at the same time. “I should tell you though, I always win. If I have to sign away everything I own, I’ll convince you to sign this somehow.”

Grinning, she plucked the contract out of his hands.

He nodded. “Go ahead. Read it.”

She shook her head, lifted it between them, and tore it neatly in half. “I accept your offer, counselor.” Leaning forward, she closed the distance between them and brushed her lips across his. “And I accept the risk.” She kissed him softly again. “I love you.”

Something broke inside him then, something beautiful and sacred. It soared to life, filling the last bits of emptiness in his soul. He slid the ring onto her finger and framed her face between his hands. Emotion thickened his voice. “I believe in you, Cassie.”

Her eyes pricked with tears once more. He captured her sweet mouth, tangled his tongue with hers. Her arms slid around his neck, and she wriggled completely into his lap. The familiar gnaw of desire sparked when her legs wrapped around his waist, and his breath hardened. He didn’t fight the powerful effect she had over him. He’d learned he couldn’t govern it. She unraveled him in ways he’d never believed were possible.

And for once, he didn’t mind surrendering his control.


This book would not have been possible if it weren’t for the absolute dedication and support of my agent, Natalie Fischer Lakosil. Thank you for your unending patience and all that you’ve done. Words don’t express appropriately how I value you.

To the editing staff at Entangled—thank you for believing in me and your outstanding efforts at making this the best it could be. I look forward to a future of many more.

To my friends and writing partners, fellow authors, and members of Heartland Romance Authors, thanks for keeping me motivated, for listening to both my cheers and my gritches, and for being a constant source of inspiration. I’m so very proud to know you, to work beside so many talented people. Dyann Love Barr, Cathy Marlow—no one compares, and I love you much!

To my family, all I can say is thank you. Over and over and over. Especially to you, Garrett and Pierce who saw the bear more frequently than not this year.

And to my readers, I hope you’ve enjoyed this new endeavor as much as I have. I’m grateful to your continued support. Your enthusiasm encourages me, and I look forward to many more books together!

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