Wedding Bell Blues

By: Meg Benjamin

“To kick your ass.”

“If you need to.” He moved even closer, his body mere inches from mine. Something in my belly flickered as he leaned down to whisper in my ear. “Here’s a secret, Maggie. I’m not the enemy.” He lingered a moment, letting his body heat sink in.

Out of the blue, I was dizzy and the world swam around me. The air between us was filled with the scent of his leather jacket and blazed with intensity. I couldn’t drop my gaze from his, and my cheeks burned red hot.

“I need cereal,” I said.

Kevin’s brow cocked. “Cereal?”

In desperation, my eyes landed on a box of Fruitie Ohs and I grabbed for it. “For Jack. Lyla sent me to get cereal for Jack.”

“Good. Cereal’s good.” Kevin wasn’t backing down, and I could see in his eyes he was mentally chalking up a victory.

At last, I broke the magnetic field that had formed between us and looked into his cart. “That brand of coffee is crap.” I shot him a defiant stare and stomped off in the opposite direction. Ha! Chalk one up for me.

I am so pathetic.

Bypassing the pharmacy, I got the hell out of the store as fast as I could. “You might not be the enemy,” I said to myself. “But you sure as hell are the devil.” I pulled the slip of paper out of my pocket and stared at it. “I wonder if you can take a lethal dose of prenatal vitamins?”

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