A Day for Love

By: M Elliott

Melody Anne's Billionaire Universe


Today I planned to find my piece of happy by spending the day barricaded in my home. What else would a woman do on the day that she was intended to be married on? I move my eyes back just in time to catch one of my favorite lines as she talks about why love stinks. This girl is ahead of her time. Love sucks, and all you end up doing is spending the day before your preplanned nuptials in pajamas drowning your sorrows with Veronica Mars and chocolate.


Two years ago, I selected February 14, 2016, as the date I would become Mrs. Andrew Collier, III. Andrew came from a very affluent family, and we dated all through college. Our relationship was rather ideal back then. After college, things changed as everyone pressured us to settle down and make things official. Well, my mother was. To be honest, I did want the security that came with being his wife, but I also wanted something tangible of my building that I could hold on to. As both Andrew and my mother liked to remind me, once I was his wife I would no longer have to worry about a career. Ironically, that was one of my main reasons for hesitation. I loved Andrew, well, parts of him. Just like there were pieces of me that he loved more than others. I thought it was enough. It was evident on last year the proved it wasn’t.

I took a swig of Coke then grabbed a handful of chocolate and shoved it in my mouth. I will be alone on a day that was meant for love, I think to myself while singing along loudly with the theme song as I lull myself back into the world of Neptune.

I’m startled out of my solo performance by my phone ringing with an incoming call. No one, and I mean no one should call a person on the day they were set to be married just to ask them how they are. I cringe as it rings a second time, afraid it might be my mother. It’s silly to be afraid of her, but when Andrew called things off last year, I’m pretty sure my mother was more devastated than I was. “Hello,” I answer the phone abruptly, ready for a fight.

“Suzanne? I’m sorry to call you on the weekend, but we have a situation. Are you able to come into the office today?” Typically, I don’t get called in for these sorts of meetings, but it’s clear from Shari’s tone that she can’t be present.

Seeing this as an opportunity to prove my work, I speak up. “Of course, I’m available, what happened?”

“A few key details of the new campaign have leaked, and now Drake Edwards is requesting an accounting of who, what, where, when, why, and how we plan to dig ourselves out of this mess.”

“Wow! How?” I am familiar with this project as I did work behind the scenes.

“You know the saying, ‘loose lips sink ships’, so did the hysterical rants of our new intern who shared the info with her mother, who then proudly tweeted the news and tagged Drake’s company in the post.”

I knew this was one of the biggest accounts we had, and we couldn’t afford to lose it. We couldn’t afford to disappoint him either since his reputation precedes him. He is a billionaire with enough money that he could hastily tell us to get lost without any repercussions. Shari built her small company from the ground up, so something as catastrophic as this wouldn’t be so easy to recover from.

“Consider it handled, Shari.” I can easily do damage control, I hope. A trip to the office means I have to remove my pajamas and take a shower—that’s the only downfall.

Within ten minutes, I’m clean and commuting to the office, hoping this disaster will be big enough to give me a necessary distraction, but not too big that anything horrible happens to Shari’s company.

I enter the quiet building and hear my heels as each click echoes around me in the corridor. When I open the glass door to my office, the space is dimly lit. I walk down the hallway and see the bright, florescent light spilling out of the conference room.

I arrive late, but still ahead of the man of the hour.

We all sit around the oval oak table speculating what we thought would happen during the meeting. Eve was rather embarrassed from the aftermath of her mother’s big debut to the world of social media. “Yeah, Mom’s post was shared, liked, and now she has more followers than I do,” the young intern says, making several of us laugh

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