Cherry Hill 3: Starting Over

By: Dixie Lynn Dwyer

“Well, on that note, I’m going to call it a night, give you three some alone time.”

“No need to leave,” Keith said to her.

“It’s okay. It’s been a long few days, and this week will bring a lot of plans and arranging. It was nice meeting you gentleman.”

“We’ll see you on Saturday if not sooner,” John said to her.

She nodded and then bent down to kiss her mom good night. She walked out of the room, her mind now on the ways of this town, the men who had tipped their hats and stared at her as she passed by, and the questions people asked, ultimately figuring out she was single. Oh, Lord help me, the last thing I need in my life is a man. Men just didn’t get her or her life as a cop. It was a reminder that she no longer was a cop, a detective, and this was a new start. She was just a regular single twenty-six-year-old woman now living with her mom again. That was sexy. She would attract losers. Jesus, could her life suck any more?

* * * *

Everett Perkins sat in his truck just staring at the building where he did physical therapy. He was practically snarling he felt so much anger. He woke up with his arm hurting worse than it had been and his fingers ached. Why the fuck was he even here? He didn’t want to go in, but he knew he needed to.

His attention went to the sound of a sports car pulling into the parking lot a few spaces down from him. A classic antique convertible Mustang in blue he didn’t recognize. He watched through tinted windows and sunglasses on as the door opened, and a woman with long jet-black hair got out. She bent down to grab something out of her car, and the snug sweatpants she wore stretched tight against a perfectly round ass. He could see a little bit of skin from where her top ended, the string of her pants, and what appeared to be a tattoo on her hip. As she closed the door, turned toward the building, and then looked around her, he caught sight of the T-shirt in blue she wore that was snug against her belly and back, lifted slightly with a V in the front. She was hot. His body actually reacted, and he sat up, squinted, and watched her walk into the physical therapy building, looking around. He felt interested, got out, grabbed his shit, and then headed inside.

“Morning, Everett,” Donny said, greeting him.

The place was pretty empty. Just one other person was on a table, a guy from Central Valley who was recovering from knee surgery. The woman with the long black hair was placing her things down and talking to the other physical therapist, Bailey.

“Come on over, Everett, and we’ll get started. How was the weekend?” Donny asked.

“Same,” he said, and the woman in the Mustang turned around, following Bailey, and her eyes landed on him. He didn’t turn away, nor did she.

“Everett, meet Adalee,” Bailey said, and Don stepped forward reaching his hand out.

“Adalee, beautiful name. You new in town?” Donny asked, and Bailey chuckled, but Everett felt jealous and was shocked. Like he saw her first outside and Donny better not hit on her or ask her out. Where the fuck did these thoughts come from?

“I live in Cherry Hill. Just moved there,” she said.

“Nice. Have you been out to any of the local hangouts?” Donny asked.

“Donny, let’s get this shit done,” Everett barked at him. Bailey started talking to the woman, Adalee, and he listened as he spoke to Donny about his hand.

“So I received all your information from the doctor and your PT in New York. Your progress is fantastic in such a short amount of time,” Bailey said to Adalee.

“Well, I’m determined to get back to normal, maybe join some kind of training facility.”

“We have an awesome dojo in town, but there’s also one in Cherry Hill,” Bailey said to her as Donny worked on Everett’s hand and arm.

“You were doing shit, weren’t you? Everett, how are we going to make progress if you keep pushing past what is good for recovery?”

“I’m fine. It’s a bit sore, that’s all.”

Donny exhaled. And as Everett sat there while Donny manipulated the muscles in his arm, he continued to listen and learn about Adalee.

“Well, let’s check your range of motion and see where your restrictions might be, and I can hopefully pull you through this the rest of the way.”

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