Drop Dead Beautiful

By: Jackie Collins

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First and foremost, Thank You for reaching for this special promotional e-book edition of Drop Dead Beautiful. I always appreciate when new and old fans alike want to dive into the world of Lucky Santangelo. I know you’ll love her. And when you’re finished I hope you’ll take a few moments to read a chapter from my new book, Goddess of Vengeance. In Goddess of Vengeance Lucky comes up against the ruthless billionaire businessman Armand Jordan to protect her Las Vegas casino and hotel complex from his grasp. Whatever Armand wants, Armand gets, but not when it comes to Lucky. And so the battle for power begins, and nobody enjoys a battle more than Lucky, for she plays to win. Along with Lucky you will meet her hot son, Bobby Santangelo, his girlfriend—Deputy D.A. Denver Jones, and her irascible teenage daughter, Max. Together they are family and nobody messes with the Santangelos.

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The house in Pasadena was grand by anyone’s standards. Large and imposing. An impressive Colonial mansion that reeked of money, nothing flashy.

Penelope Whitfield-Simmons and her son, Henry, lived in the mansion. Penelope was the widow of the powerful newspaper magnate Logan Whitfield-Simmons, who died at the age of seventy-two from a massive heart attack while out on a fishing trip with his only son. Henry, twenty-two at the time of his father’s death, was now thirty, but he still lived at home, because in Logan’s will, Henry received nothing until the death of his mother, and Penelope—a healthy seventy— had no intention of going anywhere.

Henry had no drive, no ambition. When he was younger he’d decided he wanted to be an actor. “Acting is for pansies,” his father had roared. “ Your place is in the newspaper business with me.”

Henry had appealed to his mother. “Listen to your father,” Penelope had said. “Everyone knows that people in the film business are all drug addicts, sexual deviants, and perverts. Not our kind, dear.”

Ha! Henry had thought. As if she would know.

Behind their backs he tried his best. He’d secretly taken acting classes and found himself an agent.

One day a fellow student in his acting class mentioned that Alex Woods, the renowned Oscar-winning director, was auditioning young actors for the lead role opposite the very famous Venus Maria in his new movie, Seduction.

Henry was excited. He set about finding out everything he could regarding the upcoming film, even going so far as to bribe his agent’s assistant to get him a copy of the script. He studied the script religiously, practicing his dialogue and moves in front of a mirror. When he considered himself fully prepared, he instructed his agent to get him in for an audition.

His agent had looked at him as if he were a mental case, and informed him that getting an audition for an Alex Woods film was virtually impossible for an actor who had no prior experience.

Henry came from a world of extreme wealth and privilege. At an early age he’d learned from his father that in their world nothing was impossible.

With a great deal of manipulating he’d arranged to get himself in for an audition.

The day he arrived for his appointment there were fifteen other young actors sitting around in the cramped waiting room. Henry proceeded to stare them down. They might be good, but Henry was confident that he was better.

The Asian girl behind the desk handed him sides.

Sitting, fidgeting, waiting, he’d imagined his future. He would land the role, tell his parents, and there would be nothing they could do about it.

He, Henry Whitfield-Simmons, was about to become a famous movie star, with or without their approval.

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