For Hope

By: Jeannette Winters

Turchetta’s Promise Series Book Two


This book is dedicated to all the patrons at the café I frequent who has tolerated my talking and laughing softly to myself as I type away on my laptop.

Karen Lawson, Janet Hitchcock, E.L. King and Marion Arche, my editors you are all amazing!

To my readers who continue to inspire me with endless messages and kind words. Always make time for romance.

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Chapter One

“That is not what any of us signed up to do. Let the Hope family hire a professional bodyguard,” David Turchetta snapped at his brother Rafe. “Or hell, a babysitter for that matter.”

“She’s a bit old for that, don’t you think?” Rafe asked. “Besides, this woman needs our help.”

David hadn’t read past the newspaper headline. It told him everything he needed to know. JADA HOPE RECEIVES DEATH THREATS. He tossed the newspaper on Rafe’s desk and said, “It’s a publicity stunt of some kind. This isn’t the first time she’s made headlines.” He had no tolerance for high-maintenance drama queens. They lived for the spotlight, and when it wasn’t on them, they dreamed up one outrageous story after another to steal it from someone else. “Tell her father we’re not interested.”

Her family had enough money to hire whoever they wanted. There was no reason to waste Turchetta’s Promise resources on someone who really didn’t need them. David couldn’t understand why Rafe bothered giving Paul Hope the time of day. When he called about his daughter Jada, Rafe should’ve set him straight immediately. Instead, it looked like the business just expanded to include protection details for conniving, rich daddy’s girls. This doesn’t sit well with me.

“David, the Hope family needs our help. That’s what we do.” Rafe opened a file, pulled out a picture, and slid it to him.

David picked it up but didn’t know why. The entire world knew what she looked like. Jada’s face was plastered all over magazine covers and billboards. You couldn’t turn on a television without seeing or hearing about the world’s top supermodel.

There was no doubt Jada was stunning and her lifestyle definitely would attract some real lowlifes. That was what the police were for. If they found there was a credible threat, they’d arrest the asshole.

“Rafe, we already have a few heavy things on our plate that require the team’s attention. This crapshoot is in no way a priority for us. I know we promised to hang low for a while after what happened in Moreira, but this is a bit drastic.”

“We’re not putting a hold on the other work. I already have Gabe setting up surveillance, and Josh and his team are on their way to the destination.”

“Great. When will my team follow?” David didn’t like Rafe’s expression. It was the look he got right before delivering news you didn’t want to hear. “We’re not going, are we?”

Rafe didn’t deny it. “Your team will back up Renzo. He’s—”

“You’re telling me I’m going to play babysitter while my team is actually out on a mission?” He didn’t need to wait for Rafe’s response. David was fuming and stood up so fast his chair fell over. Rafe might be the one in charge, but he belonged with his team. “No way in hell am I sitting this one out. I go where my team goes.” David grabbed the back of the chair and brought it upright again. Losing his temper wasn’t going to solve a thing. Rafe had enough stress already with his first child due at any time. Taking a deep breath, he continued, “You of all people should understand that.”

Rafe nodded. “You honestly think this is some hoax?”

David ran his hand through his hair. He didn’t have all the facts. “I don’t know, Rafe. She has options. If her life is truly in danger, then she should get the fuck out of the business.”

“Miss Hope isn’t breaking any laws with her career choice. And she deserves to be able to do it without risking her life.”

David couldn’t argue with Rafe’s logic. “I don’t see what we can do that any other security team can’t do. Hell, they could do it better. We’re the behind-the-scenes type of detail. And if you were going to send anyone, it should be Josh. He was an MP. Besides, she is so his type.”

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