Gifted To The Bear(The Gifted Series Book 1)

By: Amira Rain

About This Book

Avery Clarke always assumed she was just a normal girl living in a normal world but she had no idea that she was one of the GIFTED.

This was a select few people that had been blessed with special supernatural powers and Avery was one of them.

However, the Gifted are also the HUNTED. FBI agents, government officials and other evil forces all want a piece of her gift and they will not stop until they get it.

So now Avery Clarke has TWO choices.

Run and hide, or trust in a mysterious shapeshifting WereBear named Jim Duncan who promises that he can keep her safe and help her uncover the truth about just how important her gift really is...

This is an epic paranormal romance with elements of adventure, mystery, excitement and some thrilling sensual scenes. If you are looking for a paranormal romance that has a bit of everything then this is it!


They were going to have to take me kicking and screaming. Or, if not outright screaming, at least “protesting loudly.” I lived in a duplex with a woman and her two young daughters living in one half, and I didn’t want to scare them.

It was three in the morning, and they were knocking on my front door. They were government agents from Washington DC. A peek out my window at the three men and one woman standing in the glow of my porch light told me as much. They were all fairly stern-faced and dressed in black suits, as if that was their official uniform or something. For all I knew, it was. And maybe their stern faces were just because they were tired and angry that they were working at such a late hour and weren’t currently sleeping. At any rate, I knew they were government agents. I’d been expecting them since the day before. I’d also been expecting them to come at any time, even at three in the morning. I’d heard that whenever they got word of a Gifted, they came immediately, at any hour of the day or night, to collect him or her.

But I wasn’t going to be collected. I wasn’t going anywhere, and I wasn’t going to be taken anywhere. I was staying put at my house. I was just going to refuse to leave. If I had to, I would explain exactly why I was refusing. But first, I was going to see if the government agents would just go away. The chances of that were slim-to-none, I knew, but I had to at least see. I simply wasn’t going to answer my door.

I supposed that between the four of them, they could surely manage to kick it in, or break one of the small decorative windows adjacent to the door, reach in and unlock the door, and just get in that way, but part of me wondered if they’d actually go that far. I supposed I was about to find out.

When they’d first started knocking, waking me from a light, restless sleep upstairs, I hadn’t turned on a single light, not wanting them to know I was even awake. Now, after having tiptoed downstairs in my pajamas, I sat in the dark, right on the floor, in a little alcove adjacent to the foyer while they continued to knock on my front door in bursts every thirty seconds or so. After maybe the fourth or fifth burst since I’d come downstairs, a deep male voice sounded through the front door.

“We know you’re in there, Miss Clark, and we’d like to talk to you! Please open the door!”

Nope. I wasn’t going to.

Another burst of knocking, maybe a minute of silence, and then another burst of knocking, a little louder this time. Then, the same deep male voice.

“We’re agents of the United States government, Miss Clark, and we mean you no harm! We’re simply here to brief you about your duty as a Gifted, and escort you to your post! Please open the door!”

I spoke in the quietest of whispers. “No, thank you. Please leave.”

Unfortunately, communicating telepathically wasn’t what made me a Gifted.

More knocking, though it was more like banging this time. It was what might have been described as “cop-knocking.” Then, brief silence. Then, thunderous knocking. Knocking so loud I cringed, hunching my shoulders just about up to my ears. Then, more shouting. Deep Male Voice was getting pissed.

“We have the authority to escort you to your post by force, if necessary, Miss Clark! We’ll just hop up the road to the police station, and we’ll get the police to break down your door!”

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