In A Wild Moment (Billionaire In Love 1)

By: Ava May

“I know. Your father takes it the hardest I think. He doesn't like to show it but he still has a cry most nights of the week. We don't say it to each other but we both miss her. And it's so quiet around here now that you've moved out as well.”

Scarlett hugged her mother and then went into the front room. She had intended to leave early, but she ended up staying long into the evening, far after all the conversation had run out. They watched a movie and enjoyed each others' company, before Scarlett finally left and returned home to her empty bed and lonely apartment.

Chapter 3

When she woke up the following morning, she checked her clock to make sure that she still had plenty of time. This was the first day of her new job and her stomach was swimming with nerves—which was silly because she was just doing the same things she had done before, but she felt nervous all the same. After a quick breakfast she opted to wear something that looked professional but also relaxed, and then drove into the city. The building in which she worked was a huge skyscraper; a glass and metal tower that rose high into the sky. The sun gleamed off it and radiated down on the city. People marched along the street, an army of suited soldiers that had their own economic battles to fight under the flag of corporations.

The building she entered housed a number of companies. Hers occupied the top three floors. It was owned by a reclusive billionaire, and as such she had never met the man, but he always made sure that his employees had all the best equipment. She heard that he dropped by every now and then, but even if he did, she wouldn't recognize his face, for she only new his name—Jack Keyes.

The mystery surrounding the man was something that had kept many people preoccupied in her previous office and she wondered if it would be the same on the new floor. She'd heard a number of theories, including one that suggested he actually did work in the office as someone just to keep an eye on his employees, but Scarlett didn't give that any more thought than it deserved, figuring that a billionaire would have much better things to do with his time.

She tried not to put too much thought into it anyway, as she figured that she would most likely never meet him.

Almost by habit, she started to press the button to her old floor and just managed to stop herself. The elevator whirred as it took her up and up and up, and then stopped to a halt as the doors opened. The floor looked the same as her old one, but different. The layout was identical but the colors were new, and it was like she had stepped into some strange alternate dimension. She walked up to the front desk and told the receptionist that she was new. The girl, a platinum-blonde bombshell, flashed a white-toothed smile and told her to wait for a few moments.

A few moments came and went. Scarlett was about to go back up to the receptionist and ask her what was going on, when a man in a suit rushed out of the office to greet her. He introduced himself as Sam. His skin was tanned a deep orange, but it looked fake, and she got the impression that he was a man trying desperately to hold onto his elusive youth. He took her through the main office, where people were tapping away at keyboards in cubicles. He showed her the main conference room and the break room, then opened the door to her office.

“And this is where you'll be staying. I've got Mandy to collate the files you'll need—I'm sure she'll be along in a moment. Other than that, keep checking your e-mails for the meeting schedules; we usually have a couple a week just to make sure everyone is happy with the direction. Otherwise, I think you should be good to go. Welcome aboard!” he said with a twinkle in his eye. Just before he left, she noticed his eyes drift down her body and rest on the curves of her breasts. Scarlett rolled her eyes.

She took a seat at her desk and the first thing she did was adjust the chair. Then, she pulled out a few of her personal belongings and set them down on the desk to give the place a more homely feel. Her computer was already on so she logged in to check her e-mails to see if she had received anything from the company yet. There were just a few general newsletters—she never bothered to read those.

A few moments later there was a knock at her door.

“Come in,” she called. A mousy-haired petite woman came in. She was holding a stack of thick files and blew out her cheeks when she heaved them onto the desk. Her round glasses had been falling off her nose so she pushed them back up, placed her hands on her hips, and then nodded at Scarlett.

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