Love the Boss (Managing the Bosses #4)

By: Lexy Timms

Book 4 Managing the Bosses Series

Chapter 1

The air was crisp as Jamie walked out of the house for a morning jog. Alex seemed to be out the door before she would even dream of getting up, which was fine by her. She figured six am mornings were okay now. It used to be easier, and earlier, but back then she didn’t have someone keeping her up late… in a good way. She giggled. Life certainly wasn’t rough, nor was she complaining one little bit.

Getting an hour to herself was a great start to the day. Plus, she really wasn’t all by herself.

“This works good, doesn’t it, buddy?” She tugged on Jake’s leash and pulled him from the warmth of the house as he whined in protest.

The cute little brown ball of fur Alex had given her for Christmas had grown quite a bit and was starting to look more like a dog than a puppy.

“Come on, Jake. I don’t have time for this. I’m meeting with Uncle Mark this morning. Yes, I am. Come on, boy.” Jamie reached down and scratched his ears as he pulled back toward the house.

With a groan, she turned around and let him back in before closing the door and jogging off the front porch. She would have to take her jog alone. Her four-legged partner had called in sick and was most likely looking for something to tear up while she was out. The cute little thing had torn up more of their shoes than she cared to think about.

“Damn good thing you’re so cute,” she mumbled and turned left out of the driveway. Avoiding the snow was impossible, but she was bundled up tight, and rather enjoyed the exhilaration that the cold brought with it. She could have gone down to the gym and run on a treadmill, but she was dressed for cold. It seemed silly to go back in and change. She was tough; she could handle a little freezing weather.

Alex didn’t expect her in the office until nine today, so she could take an extra-long time on her run as long as her fingers and toes didn’t protest too much.

Mark was moving into her old apartment over the next week, which would mean she was officially living with Alex. He had given her a key to the house, but this, somehow, made it feel more certified.

A smile touched her mouth at the thought of taking another step with him. The next, after moving in, had to be a ring. She chuckled at how stupid she had felt at Christmas when she’d expected to get a ring from him, and before that when he had given her a box with a key to the house. Why was she so desperate for the ring? She should be happy with where they were now.

He was a slow-moving man when it came to commitment.

“That’s probably why his company is doing so well. He’s got to be sure of the risk before he takes it.” She waved to the guy across the road, who lifted his hand in the air.

Her phone buzzed in her pocket and she pulled it out, but didn’t stop running. “Hey, baby. What’s up?” She glanced behind her to check for cars before moving across the road.

“Are you headed this way yet?” His voice sounded pinched, which would mean only one thing. He was stressed.

Great. “No. I’m just out running, but I can turn around if you need me to.” She turned and jogged in place as a thick cloud formed in front of her mouth. It was below freezing.

“Did you take Jake with you?”

“No, but I tried. He wouldn’t budge from the house. It’s too cold for him.” She forced a laugh.

A sigh came through the phone. “Jamie. Half the reason I got you the dog was so that you would have someone to protect you while you’re out.”

She laughed and pressed her fingers to her lips. “He’s a puppy. He’s going to cuddle someone to death on my behalf. Whereas I appreciate that, and love him and you to the moon and back, he’s not going to protect me.”

Alex chuckled, softening the call a million times. “Alright. You win this one. Come in when you can. My brother texted and said that you wanted to meet with him, but you didn’t say a time. He’s headed up here now. You know I don’t have time to deal—”

“I’m on my way. Send him to grab a coffee and throw him in my office. Paul’s in my office, getting a few things done. He and Mark will love each other. Stop stressing. You’re a butt when you stress.” She started back to the house, lamenting internally for not getting any exercise in the last week or so.

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