My Last:Riley & Chelle

By: Melanie Shawn

“I missed you, too.” She continued to rake her fingers through his hair.

“There’s really a baby in there? Our baby’s in there?” He asked, his voice filled with wonderment, his face still pressed against her belly. He just needed to hear her say it again.

“Yes, our baby’s in there,” She smiled down at him, her beautiful brown eyes dancing , “I love you, Riley. I love you so much.”

He stood and picked her up, carrying her into the bedroom where he planned on starting his make-it-up-to-her plan. She giggled and smiled up at him, her eyes gleaming with love and trust. She was looking at him like he was truly her hero. He felt it all the way to the deepest part of his soul.

He realized that, for the first time in his life, he felt whole. He had everything he needed wrapped in his arms. She was his forever. She was his world. She was his home.

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