Ruckus (SEAL Team Alpha #1)

By: Zoe Dawson

“Ruckus, we’re going to have company soon,” he said, his voice cultured and so Southern sweet it gave her a toothache. It spoke of the Deep South with lush bayou and long, hot summers. But was incongruous with all those angles and toughness.

Ruckus? That said it all. He looked like he could cause a few altercations and not just because of his crazy military skills. Those eyes hadn’t been all business. Especially after she’d turned around and saw the way he was looking at her. Unlike Salazar, it made everything in her tingle.

“Copy that, Scarecrow. Up, lady. Let’s get your stuff and get moving. The sooner we get your memory cards, the sooner we can bug out of here.”

The SEALs all exploded into motion. Blue, the one with the slate gray eyes, the medic, grabbed James and muscled him across his shoulders in a fireman’s carry. He rose in one fluid motion while Cowboy picked up Liam and situated him the same way. “You guys start for the LZ. We’re right behind you,” Ruckus growled.

“Dana,” Liam called, concern in his weakened voice.

She gave her friends one more look and said to Liam, “We’re getting out of here. I’ll be fine,” she assured him. Then she hurried to the study. Once inside she went behind Salazar’s desk and crouched down. Removing the floor panel, she made room for the SEAL to see it. “Back up,” he barked. Orders seemed to be the extent of his communication skills.

Keeping his eyes on her, he used one hand to take something gray and putty-like from his vest and attach it to the safe. Then he was up, crowding her away from the safe towards the balcony doors. “I’m blowing the safe. When I do, we’re going to have company. Keep moving,” he said into the mic.

When a small explosion detonated, the desk rattled, a puff of smoke and some fire erupted. He moved swiftly to the safe.

“Copy that,” he said grimly. He was obviously talking through his throat mic to his now departing men.

She knelt down and reached into the safe, grabbing a bundle of credentials and then frantically rooted around. “They’re not here,” she said, her throat getting thick, her chest filling with frustration. “He took them to make sure I followed through. That scum!”

“We’ve got company, and we’re now cut off from our escape route,” Ruckus growled.

He rose and grabbed her arm and propelled her to the balcony doors. “No, you keep going. Get those wounded men to the LZ.” He none to gently hustled her through the doors. “Don’t argue with me, Kid. That’s a fucking order.” At the railing, she could hear automatic gunfire from the front of the house. He pulled her to the stairs and they rushed down them so fast, she almost stumbled. He dragged her behind him and before she could even breathe, his gun bucked in his hands. It was loud, louder than she could ever have imagined. Bullets whizzed past. She swore she could feel the heat of one zoom by her cheek.

Suddenly, he turned and pulled her with him. “Run and don’t stop until I tell you to.”

Kid ran with his teammates as automatic gunfire sounded behind them. They were cut off from their leader and that pissed him off. There was no way they were leaving him or the babe behind.


“Move, Kid. No time for debate.”

“But Ruckus and the reporter.”

“He can take care of himself. We have our marching orders. Now move!”

“Kid didn’t budge. Technically Cowboy outranked him, but he didn’t give a damn. “I’m going to lay down some cover. I’ll meet you at the chopper.”

“Goddammit, Kid. Ruckus will have your head,” Cowboy roared to Kid’s retreating back.

“I’m going to make sure he has that opportunity,” he threw over his shoulder. Kid hooked the strap of his M4 across his chest, pulling the TAC-338 rifle from his back. On the run, he opened his bipod support at the stock of the weapon.

It was child’s play to take up a concealed position. He’d already scoped it out as they were moving toward the stronghold. Kid was a master at it whether he was taking enemy fire or he was inserting himself just feet from his targets. He went flat on a small rise above the compound, the bipod keeping the muzzle off the ground. He saw Ruckus and the woman bolt out the back, a solid wall of CLP between them and the LZ, a locked gate and guards in front of them.

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