The Billionaire Biker's Bitch 2

By: Layla Wilcox

Chapter One

Claire leaned into Alex’s back as the Harley cruised across the last bridge before the mainland. The ride home to Miami from the Keys was even better than the trip down. The sun was setting, and the rosy glow in the sky reflected on the water. It couldn’t have been a more perfect ending to the day.

She and Alex had met up with his friends in Key Largo and spent the day on someone’s Bertram 540. Claire had never been in a home so luxurious, much less a yacht. It was a nice break from being a working student putting herself through school, counting every penny, with only an occasional splurge on entertainment. A few times she had to pinch herself for a reality check. She took pics on her phone throughout the day so she’d be able to show her friends, because she doubted anyone would believe her.

Claire wrapped her arms tightly around Alex’s waist as he wove through the dense Miami Beach traffic. Back to reality. And a new job on Monday. She remembered that they hadn’t discussed her new employment yet, and she didn’t know what she’d be doing or where she’d be working.

She shrugged. Plenty of time to talk about it tomorrow. She’d agreed to spend another night at his place. But she’d told him she wanted to make Sunday an early day so she could do some schoolwork.

Alex pulled into the parking lot of The Pirate’s Den, a chain restaurant that served seafood and chicken wings and were more famous for the scantily clad waitresses than the food. Claire scowled as she dismounted.

“What’s wrong?” Alex asked, as he took her helmet and secured it to the back of the bike.

“Not exactly my favorite place to eat,” she said, consciously refraining from rolling her eyes.

“Yeah, the food kind of sucks, but the view is great.”

“Great for you, maybe.”

Alex laughed heartily. “No, I mean the view of the Bay out back. I figured we’d have a few more beers and maybe some wings and fries and watch the moonlight hit the water. I like to stop here on my way home from the Keys. And they usually have a good band playing on the weekends.”

Claire brightened. “Sure. I’m not hungry, but a beer and music while sitting on the deck sounds good.”

The hostess grinned broadly when they approached the desk. Without Alex saying a word, she took two menus and led them to a table on the water. Claire looked around as she followed the hostess. Several groups of people were waiting in the lobby, and the place was packed—yet they didn’t have to wait.

After they were seated, the hostess leaned across the table to hand them the menus, offering a clear view down her top. “I’ll be right back with your pitcher of beer, and two frosty mugs,” she said, still smiling at Alex.

Claire took a deep breath and buried her eyes in the menu. None of the greasy fried food piqued her interest. She turned her eyes to the magnificent boats docked nearby and across the water to the sailboats on the smooth-as-glass water.

Alex took her hand, and she settled in comfortably, feeling silly for letting the atmosphere of the restaurant steal even a minute of her joy. What could be better than to linger a little longer and extend a fabulous day?

“Alex, my man! Good to see you!” A loud, but velvety deep voice interrupted her reverie. Alex jumped up and hugged the owner of the voice that could melt the panties off a girl.

She smiled, waiting to be introduced. Once Alex stood back, Claire could see that his friend’s face and body matched the voice.

“Claire, this is Gio, my buddy and the owner of this fine establishment.”

She held out her hand, but Gio came around the table and pulled her up. He kissed both her cheeks, and then took her hands, smiling with his sultry grey-blue eyes.

Gio waited for her to sit, and then sat next to her in the empty chair at their table.

“A pleasure to meet you. Alex has already told me so much about you!”

Claire looked at Alex and then back to Gio as she replied. “Really? You must have spoken very recently, or there wouldn’t have been much for him to say.”

He laughed. The waitress came over and brought the pitcher with three mugs. Gio watched her pour them each a drink. “Thank you, Andrea. Please make sure to keep the pitcher full, and bring a plate of appetizers for my guests.”

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