The Lion's Heir

By: Lilly Pink

A Paranormal Lion Shifter Romance

About This Book

WereLion Kyle is the heir to his father's billion dollar fortune and this is a situation that has never been easy for him.

Now Kyle is being forced into an arranged marriage in a bid to avert a war amongst the Lion shifters. But instead of being angry, Kyle is excited about this opportunity.

He sees this as his chance to step out his father's shadow and become his own man. Now the Lion's heir could become a true Lion Alpha.

The woman Kyle is due to marry is Krista. She is smart, sassy and beautiful.

On the outside she seems perfect and this arranged marriage seems to be a match made in heaven.

However, Kyle is about to discover some very disturbing secrets about his new bride. Secrets so disturbing that life as he knew it will never be the same again...

This is a twisted shifter romance story full of mystery, action, adventure and the hottest mating scenes possible. Strap yourself in and enjoy the ride, you will not believe how it all ends!


Kyle woke late, as he always did. The sun was already drifting in halfway across the floor of the loft by the time he rolled over in the sheets that smelled faintly of cotton and whatever else the maid used as fabric softener. He groaned—he still had a mild headache, a partial hangover from drinking too much wine at a social benefit in the city. Sponsored, of course, by his father.

Which means I had to make an appearance, he grumbled inwardly to himself. He sat up and stared out the giant Florentine windows that opened onto the grounds of his estate. It was the largest piece of property in Cedarhaven, and more or less the nicest as well. Situated on a small knoll that overlooked the winding blue-green river, it looked north and south up the narrow valley.

Below he could see that one of the butlers was feeding his prized koi in the large pond below his window. A weeping willow bent over it, casting shade as its thousands of drooping branches swayed in the wind, imitating a woman’s hair almost too closely.

“Miriam!” he shouted, throwing his legs over the bed.

A moment later, a rotund woman with a pleasant face arrived in his large open room, her uniform crisp and freshly laundered. She raised an inquisitive eyebrow at him, and her expression had all the feel of a despondent mother disappointed in the latest antics of her child.

“Well, well, look who finally decided to grace the sun with his appearance,” she said tartly. “Should I inform the newspapers?”

“Your acidic humor aside, we can dispense with letting the whole neighborhood know,” he groaned, playing into her little game of wits. He enjoyed Miriam’s company if only because, as an indentured maid-servant to his house since before he was born, she treated him less like a master and more like an equal.

“Your father had you up all night, didn’t he?” she said, more sympathetically, and he nodded and rubbed his eyes.

“Schmoozing with the bigwigs. And believe it or not, I hate schmoozing,” he said. “Why does he drag me to these things anyway? He didn’t care so much about my showing up when I was younger.”

There was a bitterness in his voice, and one Miriam was well familiar with. As an heir to one of the greater Clans, the young Kyle had been sent away by his father to the small enclave of Cedarhaven. The town—could it even be called a town?—was one of the many refuges and sanctuaries for others of his kind: Shifters. Beings who existed in a sort of dual state, as both animal and human. For his part, his genetic heritage had granted him the shape of a Lion.

Even now as he flexed his fingers over the mattress, he could imagine the phantom sensation of his own retractable claws distending.

“He meant well,” Miriam said, laying out a fresh set of clothes on his bed as Kyle continued to rub the sleep out of his eyes and yawned. His blond hair was neatly cut, and even fresh from waking, contained a certain dignity. His muscles were lean, almost too perfect, from years spent using his private gym.

A good way to vent my own frustration, he thought. “He may have meant well, but the fact is… he abandoned me, discarded me to a backwater town… and now that I’m an adult again, he wants me back, if only as a sort of arm candy for his other investors.”

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