The Lion's Heir

By: Lilly Pink

Her breathing became labored again as he kissed her chest, and she gently parted her legs as his hand came up between them. It was like nothing she had ever experienced, and she gasped, looking down her belly toward where his hand massaged her pubis in short practiced strokes.

“Uhh, Kyle,” she moaned.

“Shhh,” he murmured, “let me make you smile.”

“Please,” she grunted, tilting her head back again and succumbing to the movements of his fingers. He had become the artist in the bedroom, and she was suddenly his canvas, waiting for whatever scene he wished to paint upon her.

She lifted her waist toward him, and the hem of the night dress fell upwards, revealing the broad slim shape of her hips and the dark well of her navel. He moved his hand gently, tracing her vulva through the fabric of her panties and pushing his middle finger down the slit. She groaned, and he felt her grow wet with desire. A small dark patch formed on the panties, and he rubbed again, letting her own lubrication and the friction of the panties accelerate his movements.

She bucked again and ground her hips into his hand and he used the flat of his palm to cushion her pubis, even as his other hand came up and stroked her forehead and her cheeks, then traced small patterns on her bared neck.

“Unnnhh, yes,” she said, her legs winding around his hand when he found the hard lip of her clitoris and applied pressure to it. He looked down and saw his hand was now slimy with her own excretions, sopping through the white panties. It had turned them transparent, and he saw the full outline of her labia, the dark creased line that led to her vagina.

His hand came up to her panties and he gently pulled them down, just enough to reveal her sex in all its pink luster. She had very little pubic hair, but what there was of it was dark and curled inward toward the triangle of her thighs. His fingers moved against her inner thighs, which were already clammy and damp, and her breathing was now tentative. She opened her eyes and looked down again as he brought his fingers toward her.

“I feel… I feel like… I’m going to explode,” she murmured, half a whisper.

“Then let me help,” he said, and drew his finger over the cleft.

She let out a little yelp and both her arms straightened as she clutched at the sheets. She was moist, and a small dark spot had formed under the sheets as well where the translucent liquid from her invigorated passion had sped down between the dark lips of her labia and wicked itself into the fabric.

“Put them in… oh, Kyle, make me cum,” she said in a voice that didn’t belong to the Krista he knew. This one was different, and he recognized it as the inner animal. That’s right, he thought. She was a coyote. A timid animal, but one who was as intelligent as it was inclined to its own pleasure.

Kyle brought his other hand under her neck to support her and craned his fingers over her pubis again, felt himself harden impossibly against the seam of his own boxers, and tipped his fingers into the tight crevasse of her vulva. She screamed, and tried to muffle it with one hand over her lips as his fingers went into her, pulling apart the swollen lips of her labia, until he found the muscular entrance to her vagina.

His fingers moved inside and she bucked against him, not screaming this time, but groaning as if something had caught in her throat, and the muscles in her neck flexed and tightened like bow strings. He moved inside again, felt her vagina cramp around the intrusion, and another stream of liquid splashed against his hand as he tried to insert a second finger.

“Oh fuck,” she said with a desperate squeal, “nearly… I’m going to… cum, Kyle…”

“Cum for me, Krista,” he urged, and moved his fingers in and out, holding her by the back of the neck even as her fists balled on the sheets again and she opened her legs wide. Her back arched and her small breasts caught the starlight, a dazzling blue that dusted her white flesh and seemed to hold the light of the universe.

She was extremely wet, and Kyle felt his own heart beat quicken as he pleasured her, his fingers squelching with the effort as he penetrated her again and again with his fingers. She bucked her hips in the same motion, lost in the maze of the coming orgasm, until he had to press the heel of his palm back down against her pubis to keep her still. Even then, her legs and knees moved side to side as he brought her closer to her climax.

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