The Lion's Heir

By: Lilly Pink

Reluctantly he moved his arm over her waist and let it trail down her ribs. She sighed again, apparently satisfied with the sensation of having a man touch her, and Kyle bit his lip. He knew it was probably inappropriate, according to the rules of propriety, but she had after all wandered into his bedroom. He began to stroke her stomach through the silk, and she purred and wriggled closer to him. He ducked his head in against her braid and breathed in the sweet perfumed smell of her, relishing the womanly aroma and the shared warmth of two bodies mingling together.

“Mmm,” she moaned silently, as his hand moved upwards, testing every part of her, and she turned her back so that he might reach her easier. His large hand suddenly bumped against the bottom of her breast and she opened her mouth again, her eyes closed tightly.

What am I doing? he thought, and yet could hardly find the will to stop. He moved his hand up over the small mound of the breast and squeezed it lightly, felt Krista’s breathing accelerate with his touch. His hand moved further up, over the fabric, and his fingertips reached the top of her night dress. With the same care, he moved his finger across her clavicle and pushed two fingers under the seam. She made another little moan and turned more onto her back, causing his whole hand to fall under the fabric.

Her mouth opened again in a silent moan of pleasure as his hand brushed across the milky softness of her breast, and his rough palm scraped against her tiny nipple. It stiffened instantly, and he felt a surge of pleasure roll across his own loins. Krista suddenly opened her eyes, and he gulped.

“Kyle,” she whispered, her eyes still half-awake, and brought her own hand to her chest, clasping his palm to her chest. He squeezed again and she tipped her neck back as he massaged her chest in small circles. The strap on one side of her nightgown fell over one sloped shoulder and fell away from her breast where his hand was moving in slow circles. “More,” she said, her eyes closing again.

He rubbed faster and bent down and kissed her neck. She raised her chest again and he licked at the tender flesh, eliciting another rapid fit of moans from Krista. Years spent in the sheltered isolation and sterility of the House Roseblood had suddenly come undone in moments—desires she had never had a name for rose to the surface, pleading to be satisfied, and Kyle had become the agent of her education in these matters. He licked again, drawing his tongue all the way down to her breasts, and when he reached her nipples she clutched his head to her bosom.

“Unnhhh,” she murmured.

“You are beautiful,” Kyle murmured, coming up to her face.

“You’re just saying that because we’re to be wedded,” she said, only half-joking.

Kyle shook his head. “One thing you must learn about me, is that I am always earnest. I may be an arrogant prick, I may be reckless, stupid in matters of love, even. But I am always honest,” he said, and bent down and kissed her again.

It was different from the first kiss he had given her in the hallway. She had little experience in matters of intimacy, and was very cold and stiff at first. She tried to purse her lips, then tried opening them all together. It was a clumsy attempt, but Kyle was patient, gently coaching her with his own kisses and his tongue.

She opened her big eyes again in awe when he thrust his tongue between her lips again and she gently brought her teeth down on it, then pushed her own tongue against his. When they met in her mouth it was like a dance of ecstasy, and Kyle increased the pressure on her breasts, squeezing her nipples so that she would cry out mid-kiss into his mouth.

A flash of saliva passed between their lips, and she felt it wet the side of her mouth and gasped. Her own hands came up and stroked his chest, the hard corners of his abdomen that pressed against her own belly. His pecs glistened with both their sweat as he leaned over her, one of his thighs coming in between her legs.

Krista gave a squeal of delight as the pressure moved up her legs, and she raised one knee and felt another stranger desire illuminate in the small space between her thighs. Kyle must have recognized it too, because he moved his hand down over the silky fabric of the night shirt and cupped her leg, pushing it upward and sliding his hand under the bevel of her buttock.

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