The Nightingale Rises

By: Cynthia Dane

“You do?” Why in the world? Because business was happening now?

“We are a couple of gossips. The man spends more time chatting on the phone than I do… but, that’s not the point. Hey, Gale, I think you’re a sweet girl. Bit quiet and understated, but a loudmouth like me needs that kind of foil in her life. I thought maybe you and I were pretty similar deep inside our brains.”

The way she said brains made her sound like a hungry zombie. “Braaiiinnnss.” Nala hid her laughter with a new sip of water. “I’m not shy, but give a girl some warning next time.”

“Will do! Should I start talking about Lucian’s? It’s pretty big, if I do say so myself…”

What was with this woman? She started yapping about her boyfriend’s dick as if Nala would naturally want to know about it. I already know. I saw it. She would never admit she stopped and peered at the show Robin and Lucian put on back at the hotel. The one that turned me so on that I… started fantasizing about Vincent. That’s what happened. Which then led to the couple fucking each other dead at the sex club. And then at Vincent’s place. And then…

These people were all about sex. Nala knew it, and yet she remained shocked at nearly every turn. Even in everyday life, Robin spent most of her time thinking about her Master Lucian. How often did they have sex? Were they always kinky? Were they real lifestylers like they presented to The Aviary? Robin didn’t act very submissive when she was out with another woman. Was that something she gave only to Lucian? Again, was it a lie? Or a falsehood at best?

“That’s… congratulations.” Nala didn’t know what else to say. What did one say when a new friend started talking about her boyfriend’s big dick?

“I suppose. You know, in this game, men of our boyfriends’ standing come in only two flavors. Big dicks or little dicks.” Robin giggled into her handkerchief. “Someone like you must have discerning tastes, Gale. I can guess what Mr. Lane is like.”

“Er, well…” She had no idea how many inches Vincent sported. She wasn’t counting. Nala could only go by the difficulty he sometimes had entering her, but that could’ve easily been her as well. “I’m not complaining.”

“Good! We deserve men who make us happy in all areas of life. Oh, Lucian is so doting. Even when he’s being strict with me and on the verge of punishing my ass, he feels so tender and loving when he does it. I could never ask for a better man. Let alone a richer one.”

“That’s great.”

“What about Mr. Lane? Is he the affectionate type? He’s hard for anyone to read. If you ask me,” Nala hadn’t, “he’s not interested in anyone but you.”

Nala looked up from her elaborate napkin folding. I was once a champion at origami in second grade. “You think that?”

“Why, yes. Would that be weird?”

Idiot. She thinks we’re in love. Apparently, Vincent was doing a great job making people think that. When Nala thought about it, she realized he spent a lot of their club meetings lightly touching her, whispering whatever he had to say into her ear as if he said nothing but sweet affections. He’s a good actor. “Not weird at all. It’s just, well, Vincent is not very forthcoming with his feelings and emotions. He doesn’t tell me that he loves me.”

“What? Really?”

Robin looked as if Nala told her a cat was dead. “Well, no, but that’s okay. I know he cares about me.” He had to. Wait, what am I thinking? He only wants me for sex and to get to Xavier Crow. Nala snorted at her own absurdity.

“Oh, I’m sorry about that. I don’t think I could live this lifestyle if my Master wasn’t openly affectionate. It would be really hard otherwise, you know?”

Nala had to pretend she did. “I don’t like a lot of affection, anyway. So, you really do live the lifestyle?”

Robin laughed in disbelief. “Of course I do? We all do. It’s a requirement to being in The Aviary, silly.”

“Of course. I’d forgotten.”

If Nala got any more head turns and tilts from the people around her, she would start wondering if she had magnets hanging off her chin and the populace had metal implants in their scalps. “You’re a funny gal, Gale. I like that about you, though. The other girls in the group… they’re nice, but not really my type.”

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