The Nightingale Rises

By: Cynthia Dane

“It’s not really about whether or not you feel good about the size of your breasts.” Robin flagged down the nearest helper and motioned, quite evocatively, at Nala’s chest. “It’s about wearing a bra that feels damn good and gives you the support you need! Most women are wearing a bra that’s too small for them.”

“About that…”

When Nala, Robin, and the helper ended up in a changing area, Robin slapped her hand over her eyes to discover her dear new friend was completely commando beneath her blouse. The helper barely blinked as she pulled out her tape and instructed Nala to get into position.

“Girl, you ain’t got a bra on!”

“Because these things are not that big.” Nala shrugged. She was in the presence of women who didn’t wish to leer at her breasts. No big deal… or so she thought. The helper tugged on the loose tape and wrote something down on a pad. Robin peeked through two fingers and shook her head in awe.

“I could never get away with that. Even when I try not wearing a bra, my boobs are too big to feel comfortable. I even sleep in one… how do you manage?”

“It doesn’t bother me.”

“Well,” the helper interrupted. “Let’s start you at a 34C. I think you’ll find it’s comfortable.”

“That’s cool.”

Nala supposed her breasts could have grown since she was last measured at a lingerie shop years ago. After all, she had been seventeen then. Now she was twenty-one and with a more womanly body. When the helper brought a plain black sampler to try on, Nala shrugged into it, surprised to find it fit. The helper pulled on the snaps and announced they may want to try a 32 next after all.

“I don’t really like wearing bras…” Nala said.

“Gale, honey…” Robin put a kind hand on her friend’s shoulder before sidling close and whispering into her ear. “This isn’t your run-of-the-mill lingerie shop. I mean, you could wear some of these things on the daily, but it’s more about… you know…” She faked a cough. “Being sexy. For your confidence, and to put your Master’s Mr. Happy in a fun place. You know. For your benefit. Ahem.”

Did she say Master’s Mr. Happy? Robin was a fucking trip. Nala would have to be caught dead with psychedelics strewn around her corpse to be caught saying something dumb like that. “I see. Thanks for the perspective.” Good to know Vincent sent her here to get sexy undies for him. Sure, he’d tell her they were for The Aviary, but she knew his real motive. He wants to see me in lingerie like this. Lace. Silk. Satin. Rioting colors and soft pastels. Panties with holes in them and bras that came apart in the front.

Nala was ready to leave. Nightingale, however, was deeply intrigued.

I wonder how hard I could get a man like that. It could be a game. Get Vincent aroused, make him endure a striptease with underwear like this as a treat… and then see if she could get him to come without even touching him.

Nala hurried to get her blouse back on and rushed into the gallery, where racks upon racks of lingerie awaited. Robin hustled to keep up, and the helper followed as well, asking if she could get Nala started with anything.

Yes. I need five bras, ten pairs of panties, and whatever these corset things are. I need to be on fire. A man is paying me to dress up like the classiest hooker he’s ever had the pleasure of purchasing the services of, and I intend to deliver for my sugar daddy!

Robin attempted to help Nala shop for lingerie, but someone was a tornado of grabbing, trying on, rejecting or accepting, and furiously asking a million questions about style, color, and materials. Would this make her itch? Would this shrink in the wash? How should she wash this stuff, anyway? If the panties were thirty a piece, did that mean she could ask for more on the sexy black market? Girl had to think long term past Vincent’s weekly payments.

“Hey, guess what,” she texted Vincent while waiting for her purchases to be rang up.


“You bought me fifty pairs of underwear.”

The fact it took him so long to reply – when they were in an elevator with Robin on the phone and asking her driver to meet them up front – made Nala wonder if he were this busy after five or having a moment to himself in the bathroom. Latter one, please. Robin talked about lingerie giving her confidence, but Nala was pretty sure mentioning underwear to a man and getting him to take it to the corner was better. Or at least for someone like her it was.

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