The Nightingale Rises

By: Cynthia Dane

Nala was about to call for an ambulance when she looked down at her feet, a piece of paper sticking out from beneath her shoe.

Against her better judgment, she picked it up before doing anything else, no matter how much Vincent yelled at her.

Your first warning.

Miss Nala Nazarov

Hopefully this birdie beauty gets along with Tasha

As well as she got along with you

I never got to hear either of them scream but

Desirée screamed. A lot.

I wonder.

Can you scream as beautifully as she did?

A bird of prey always lives for the thrill of the kill

Run away, little Nightingale

Run away so I can hunt you down

Nala fell against the couch, Vincent still shouting, the sun still shining, and Robin still dying.

Somewhere, in some corner of time, Desirée’s screams echoed, and Tasha fell asleep, never to awaken again.

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