Whisper Of Surrender (Whisper Lake #2)

By: Melanie Shawn

Welcome to Whisper Lake!

Whisper Lake is a spinoff of our bestselling Crossroads series. This cozy, Midwest, tourist town is home to Stone Castle (which is widely believed to be haunted) *insert spooky “oooOOOooo” here*, The Needlepoint Mafia (a knitting club run by three matchmaking “Dons” that may look like sweet, little old ladies, but prove that looks can be deceiving), seasonal festivities that include a Kissing Booth “manned” by dogs…get it…manned, and a lot of well-meaning, meddling folks that love keeping our heroes and heroines on their toes.


The entire Whisper Lake series is dedicated to all the romance authors out there who give me endless hours of escape, entertainment, and therapy! Each book is going to highlight three authors that are near and dear to my heart and inspire me to write sassy, fun-loving, swoon-worthy love stories that (I hope) are filled with humor, heart, and heat. Most of you know who you are (because I fangirl SO HARD!) but now the world will know, too, because I am shouting it from the rooftops (and by rooftops I mean the dedication page).

Book two is dedicated to Bella Andre, Susan Mallery, and Rachel Gibson. The women that make up this romance trinity are all auto-buy authors for me. Each time I pick up one of these ladies books I am captivated from the first page to last. Whether it is the Sullivan family or the folks in Fool’s Gold or the Chinooks Hockey team this trio of romance rock stars write sweet, sizzling, and poignant stories that I escape into.

Whisper of Surrender has a blatant shout-out and hidden Easter eggs that true Bella, Susan, and Rachel fans (especially those that follow their social media) will be able to spot. If you haven’t indulged in these must-read women’s books, you are seriously missing out! I know you’ll fall in love with the heroes and heroines but also the friends and families and worlds that they create!




“ONLINE DATING IS about as much fun as getting a tattoo over a sunburn.” Jessa Myers’ statement fell on deaf ears.

Her feline companions didn’t hear a word she said. One of them, literally. Elvis Pawsley, her hearing-impaired cat, sat beside her in her breakfast nook, his tail flicking as he bathed himself while soaking in the morning sun as it streamed through the bay window. Next to him Marilyn Purroe was lounging on her throne pillow. She could hear just fine. She just didn’t acknowledge Jess’s existence unless there was food involved.

“You have no idea how lucky you are to be neutered,” she said to Elvis as she ran her hand over his head. She looked back down at her phone and tried to will herself a positive attitude.

If it was up to her, her love life would be like a John Hughes movie. She wanted to meet the man of her dreams organically, not online. But that wasn’t reality. Reality was that this was a numbers game. So, even after her dud of a date the night before, Jessa was determined to get back on the dating horse. Which in this day and age, especially living in a town as small as Whisper Lake, meant using technology.

So here she was, sitting at her kitchen table, sipping a green tea as she swiped her way through a dating app that hadn’t been particularly successful for her in the past.

Her thumb slid over her screen as she quickly moved through dozens of potential matches.

Shirtless guy with guitar.

“Nope.” She swiped left.

Guy standing in front of a sports car.


Duck-face selfie of a guy with better eyebrows than her.

“Oh, hell no.”

She was just about to swipe again when a face popped up on her screen that she’d never swipe left on. Her best friend, Ali was calling.

She answered, “Hello soon-to-be Mrs. McKnight.”

“That still feels so weird.”

“Really? Because you’ve been pretending to be Mrs. McKnight since you were in elementary school.” Ali had been crushing on her fiancé Kade McKnight since they were kids. Unlike other girls who played wedding day dress up and doodled their crush’s names on notebooks, Ali and Jessa would play business women and store owners, which was exactly what they were now, and Ali would always sign “invoices” and “checks” as Mrs. Allison McKnight.

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