The Billionaire's Ruthless Affair

By: Miranda Lee

 (Rich, Ruthless and Renowned)

To-do list of a billionaire playboy’s secretary:

1. Filing: ensure all ex-girlfriends are kept safely out of sight.

2. Expenses: all jewelry must be received one week from termination of relationship.

3. Diary management: there must be no clashes in his heavy dating schedule.

When Harriet McKenna’s own relationship goes up in smoke, her ruthless boss, Alex Katona, challenges her to take a leaf out of his book and embark on an illicit affair with him! This means being at his beck and call beyond office hours, and in return Alex promises to show Harriet how pleasurable life can be...

“You know full well I would never want to have an affair with you. You’re my boss!”

“You didn’t mind my kissing you just now,” Alex reminded Harriet with brutal honesty. “But all that is beside the point. I saw the folly of my ways in time and changed my mind about trying to seduce you, since you seem to like that word. Perhaps because it stops you from taking any responsibility over what just happened.”

“You kissed me, Alex. I didn’t do a thing!”

“Nothing except look so deliciously sexy this morning that I haven’t been able to think of anything else but making love to you all day.”

An already flustered Harriet honed in on his patently false wording.

“You don’t want to make love to me at all,” she snapped. “You want to have sex with me. That’s a totally different scenario.”

“True,” he said before walking slowly back toward her. “But nothing changes the fact that we can’t go back to the way it was between us, Harry. You want me as much as I want you. Don’t deny it,” he said, close enough now to reach out and place his large hands on her suddenly trembling shoulders.

Harriet somehow found her voice. “That doesn’t mean I have to do anything about it.”

“True again. But why deny yourself something that can give you pleasure? And I can give you pleasure, Harry,” he murmured, his right hand lifting off her shoulder to trace circles around her gasping lips. “Lots of pleasure.”

Rich, Ruthless and Renowned

Billionaires secure their brides!

International tycoons Sergio, Alex and Jeremy were best friends in college. Bonded by their shared passion for business—and bedding beautiful women!—they formed The Bachelors’ Club, which had only two goals:

1. Live life to the full.

2. Become billionaires in their own right!

But now, with the dotted line signed for the sale of their multibillion-dollar wine empire, there’s one final thing left for each of the bachelors to accomplish—securing a bride!

The trilogy begins with Sergio’s story in

The Italian’s Ruthless Seduction

continues with Alex’s story in

The Billionaire’s Ruthless Affair

and concludes with Jeremy’s story—coming soon!

Chapter One

I SHOULD BE HAPPIER, Alex thought as he picked up his mug of coffee and carried it out onto the terrace of his penthouse apartment, shivering slightly when the crisp air hit his face. Not that it would be cold for long, the sun already peeping over the horizon. Winter in Sydney was a picnic compared to winter in London. He was glad to be back home. But not all that happy, for some reason.

Alex surveyed the panoramic view of the city skyline, telling himself that a man would have to be a fool not to be happy when he’d finally achieved everything he’d ever vowed to achieve.

At thirty-four, Alex was no fool. He was, in fact, a very successful businessman.

A Rhodes scholar, Alex had first become an entrepreneur back in England over a decade earlier, going into partnership with his two best friends from Oxford in a dilapidated old wine bar, which probably should have been demolished, but which they’d turned into a going concern. As it turned out, one wine bar had eventually become two, then three, then ten, till finally they’d formed a franchise.

Sergio’s idea, that.

Alex smiled for the first time that morning. Thinking of Sergio always brought a smile to his face. Jeremy, too. Yet those two were as different as chalk and cheese. Sergio was inclined to take life way too seriously at times, whereas Jeremy... Lord, where did one start with Jeremy? Though some people might describe him as a playboy, Alex knew Jeremy was a decent man at heart, generous and loyal, though with way too much charm and money for his own good. And he’d have even more money now, the recent sale of their wine bar franchise having made them all billionaires.

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