Her Breeding Bull Billionaire

By: Francis Ashe

Never, not once in my entire life, had I ever felt that amount of urgency and sweet, deep-seated pleasure.

Seconds later, another trickle – not mine this time – dribbled out of my pussy and down my leg. He grunted and thrust forward again.

The single trickle turned into two, and then I felt his cock surge, tighten, and jump inside me. Mr. Richards sucked in a breath, and his already huge dick seemed to grow bigger for a second before the first burst of his cum erupted.

Warm and deliciously sticky, his explosion overfilled me and ran out in tiny streams.

The second gush of fluid came with a loud, rumbling, groan that shook Mr. Richards’ body and let me know that it was time for me, also, to let go.

“F-fuck!” was all I could managed to say as my pussy walls first fluttered, and then clenched, along with the rest of my muscles. From the back of my scalp to my calves, everywhere on my body that could tense up, did. For the space of two breaths, I felt my whole being fight against cumming. The cords on my neck tightened, my crooked knees almost buckled, and then in a brilliant, uncontrollable flash, it all released.

My vision flickered as my sex tightened around the cock inside it, massaging from base to tip, milking out every last ounce of Mr. Richards’ liquid.

A whoosh came from deep inside my body and when the muscles released their pent-up tension, a surge of my own juice pushed out of my body, soaking the close-cropped hair around Mr. Richards’ prick as he slowly slid it back and forth inside me, almost like he was teasing out every ounce of my orgasm as I’d done his.

Supporting me with one of his thick, powerful forearms, he gave me permission to give in and let my body be taken by rapture. My pulses slowed and then stopped, my body resting in his arms.

“Get on the ground,” he whispered, easing me to the floor and lifting my legs in the air. Easily the knots on my wrists and ankles slipped off, and the feeling of blood rushing to my extremities sent pins and needles up my arms and calves. “Stay just like that.”

He went to Jeff, and slipped the rope off his feet.

“Go over there to your wife. Lick my cum off her legs. I want you to taste the man whose child your wife is going to carry. Go.”

Jeff shuffled over to me, and tentatively touched his lips to my leg, near my pussy. I could tell he was nervous, but as soon as he had the first taste, he started getting excited. He kissed away an errant droplet and then licked up my thigh, licking up all the mess. Slowly, he collected everything that dripped out, and finished with a careful taste of my slit. His lips trembled when he climbed my body to give me a kiss.

“Th-thank you, sir.” He said standing and pulling his trousers up. “Thank you.”

Mr. Richards nodded.

“Thank me by dressing me. Get it right. I keep a square pocket silk.”

I watched Jeff do his best to dress the billionaire whose cum he just tasted. His hands shook a bit as he did, but shortly, the job was done.

Straightening his beautiful tie, Mr. Richards’ gaze passed over Jeff and fixed on me.

“If, somehow, this didn’t work, get in touch with my secretary. I expect everything went according to plan, though.”

I nodded, at a loss for words.

He turned and left, looking back one last time as he closed the door.

For an hour, maybe more, Jeff cradled my neck in the crook of his arm and we just lay there, both thinking about what had just happened, relishing the feelings and sensations that washed over us. And both, I’m sure, hoping for the same thing.


Three weeks had passed since our visit from the billionaire bull. Jeff, as he usually did, had bought about fifteen pregnancy tests and stayed home from work. His nervousness was cute, in a way, but I also longed for him to take just a few of the traits Mr. Richards had. A little more self-confidence would be nice. A little less anxiety.

Still, he was my husband, and I loved him.

The tender way he held out a couple of those little sticks like I was drawing straws reminded me of his kindness. I took one, and headed off.

“How’s it going?” Jeff called as he tromped up the stairs and stood outside the door.

“Alright,” I had to giggle a little at his eagerness. “Come on in. All we have to do is sit here and watch this thing. Package says a pink plus sign will usually show up within a minute. Says sometimes it takes five.”

He nodded.

The clock on the wall tick-tocked sixty times. Nothing.

“Well... we might have to...” Jeff started to say.

I shushed him.

“Look!” I said, as the vaguest of lines began to appear. “Look at that! Holy shit!”

Jeff grabbed me, lifted me off the ground and gave me a huge squeeze. “You did it! You did it!”

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