Happily Ever After?

By: Cher Etan

Chapter 1

“Guess who got tickets to the Furious 7 premiere!”





“Oh my God. Seriously? No!”

“Okay now we just sound like we’re having phone sex. We have to staahp. It's for this weekend so get Bain on the phone. I know you need to go shopping and shit.”

“Aww, Dean, you’re so sweet sometimes. You didn’t call him a name or nothin…”

Dean sighed, “I’m coming to accept that your gay best friend is always going to be in our lives and I need to accept it and look on the bright side Megs.”

“Which is…?”

“He could be your straight best friend…” Dean said and Meaghan laughed. The funny thing about her gay best friend Bain and her billionaire boyfriend Dean was that they ran in the same circles, their families had known each other all their lives…Dean and Bain had grown up with the same blue blood silver spoon in their mouths. She was the outsider…she was the scholarship kid who’d joined their high school and attracted Bain’s predilection for strays. They’d been best friends since. Her history with Dean had been more complicated. He had been joined at the hip to the blue blood equivalent of Regina George, Samantha Crawford, and she did not like the friendly attention Dean paid her. It got ugly fast and once the Dalton high school was behind them, Dean and Meaghan didn’t speak for ten years. When they did speak, it was completely by accident when Meaghan was the attending physician where Dean was brought after a skiing accident in Colorado. The whole thing was pure serendipity seeing as Meaghan was simply doing her locum there as she waited to join her internship program in New York City where she’d grown up. Her mother still lived in New York in the same Brooklyn trailer park where they’d moved after her father was killed by friendly fire in the Iraq war. He’d been an army medic and Meaghan had followed in his footsteps by going to medical school despite all the odds. A black girl being raised by a single parent rarely grew up to be a doctor where she came from. They were more likely to end up pregnant and stripping by the time they were eighteen…or worse.

It made Meaghan understand completely where Dean’s mother was coming from when she called her a gold digger and other things. Plus she had come between Dean and Samantha Crawford, who Poppy Wesson wholeheartedly approved of as future daughter-in-law. Meaghan shrugged; it couldn’t be helped now…and Dean had tickets to Furious 7 which they’d been looking forward to with mixed feelings since Paul Walker died. Dean had met him at one or another of those mixed Hollywood/High Society functions and reported that he was as nice as advertised.

She picked up the phone to call Bain. Ever since their talk about Bain’s boyfriend Daniel and his inferiority complex when it came to fitting in Bain’s life, things had been a bit awkward between them. Bain felt attacked for something he had no control over and Meaghan had felt slightly misunderstood. They were trying to get over it, but things were still not as easy as they usually were.

“Hey darling. How are you?” Bain answered which was also something new. He was greeting her like she was his Straight Best Friend rather than the Partners in Crime they usually were.

“Hi babe, I have a problem,” she wailed trying to push them back into the former situation with every word she spoke.

“What problem?” Bain’s voice was a bit sharper, he was paying more attention now.

“Dean got tickets to the Furious 7 premier and-“

“Whaatt!! How?” Bain interrupted making her smile. That was more like it.

“I don’t know. Probably one of your blue blood friends or some shit. Anyway…I have I have nothing to wear.”

“Of course you have nothing to wear. How could you have something to wear? No one could have predicted this.”

“Exactly, so…?”

“Clear your schedule tomorrow. We are going to need all day.” Bain said.

Meaghan smiled with relief. Sure she had a hospital shift tomorrow night and ideally she should take the time during the day to sleep but it had been a minute since Bain tried to take over her life like this. She wasn’t about to put road blocks up. She would just sleep now and then she wouldn’t be so tired tomorrow. The clinic was quiet anyway; a lull maybe or the universe was just giving them a break. Meaghan glanced at the clock; it was eleven minutes to ten pm…definitely the lull before the storm. Meaghan put her head in her hands and closed her eyes. The nurse would wake her if there was a patient.


Dean hung up on Meaghan and looked around his apartment wondering if he should go to bed or out. When Meaghan was on night shift she rarely came around since she was at work at night and he was at work during the day. All the more reason why they should move in together; at least they could meet as they passed each other in the hall in the mornings and evenings.

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