Happily Ever After?

By: Cher Etan

But Meaghan wanted to talk it over with her mother first, and she wanted to try and be on better terms with Dean’s mother first and blah blah blah and more excuses and Dean was sick of it. His mother wouldn’t ever accept Meaghan; it was not in her DNA. Dean had accepted that; he didn’t see why Meaghan couldn’t. It wasn’t like he was holding it over her head or anything. Lots of significant others didn’t get along with their partner’s parents. It didn’t have to be make or break for the relationship to go forward. But Meaghan didn’t see it like that. She had been brought up to value family above all else and she wasn’t in favor of coming between his. Dean could relate…he’d been brought up with value family too. His concept of how to do that was just a bit different than Meaghan’s.

Dean snorted. “Maybe I should just get her pregnant,” he mused as he went with option A which was go to bed. His friends were beyond amused by the turn of events in his relationship. It was usually Dean running away from commitment and being chased down like an antelope surrounded by lions. This time though he was a lion in the grass, stalking that zebra like his life depended on it. It made Dean chafe with discomfort. But short of doing a lobotomy on Meaghan or something, he didn’t see how to change how things were. She was a strong independent black woman and he was her slave if he did say so himself. And he was not even ashamed of it.

Dean’s green eyes fell on the picture on his bedside table as he flipped his jet black hair away from his eyes and crossed his long legs on the bed. He picked it up, studying it with a smile. It was Meaghan on her first day on the job, dressed in her power color; purple, looking confident and carefree unless one looked closely into her eyes. Then one could see the fear there; fear of failure or success…whatever it was normal people were afraid of on their first day on the job. She was smiling though, and her one dimple was showing on her smooth soft warm chocolate complexion. Long black hair held in a pony tail on the top of her head with the tied hair in an explosive pouf. Her big brown eyes were slanted at the corners and her cheekbones were so sharp she could probably cut glass with them. Her and her cupid’s bow mouth took him back, all the way to high school.

“Whoever said black don’t crack must have been talking about you my dear,” he said to the picture. For sure she didn’t look a day older than their high school days. Dean on the other hand felt like an old man some days. The joys of running a multi billion dollar company he guessed. He put the picture back down gently and lay down, staring at it as sleep came over him. He smiled to think how excited she’d been about the premier. The Fast movies were their thing that they did; one thing that he and Meaghan had that she and Bain did not. Dean fought to get rid of the frown on his face as he thought of the man. He couldn’t help it; Bain was Dean’s chief competition for Meaghan’s affections and Dean was just not here for it, even if Bain was gay.

It had always seemed to him that Bain got away with everything because of his status as different. While Dean had to toe the line and fulfill all expectations. It just wasn’t fair and he knew it wasn’t Bain’s fault. Well…not all of it anyway, but he still couldn’t help resenting the man for it. His close knit with Meaghan was just the icing on the cake of his hatred. Sleep bore him away as his forehead was still creased, thinking about it.


Bain hung up with Meaghan and threw his head back, mouth open in a silent scream. He was in the strip club, private area, where his boyfriend Daniel was hard at work blowing him. He had come just to watch the floor show because Daniel was poetry in motion up there, but then afterwards Danny had grabbed his hand and led him back here, falling on his knees before Bain could say so much as a word.

Since his talk with Megs he’d wondered every time Daniel went down on his knees for him or bent over to let Bain fuck him if he was doing it out of desire or obligation. It was no way to live…but he couldn’t seem to just find the words to ask. It was true…their relationship was uneven; Bain was rich, Danny was living with him rent free; he took Danny to fabulous places and bought him fabulous things. It didn’t mean he had expectations that Danny would service him at the drop of a hat. He could see how Danny would think that; he was a stripper after all. He was probably used to guys having such expectations of him. But Bain was not that kind of guy and he was kind of insulted that Danny…and Megs would even deign to think he was. He didn’t have the words to say so though, so he low key sulked and let Danny get on with it. After all, he was very good at what he did.

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